Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#Giveaway: Seasons of Sorrow by C.C. Wood

CC Wood is giving away 10 autographed copies of Seasons of Sorrow. #Giveaway will run from May 28 - June 29th. (Open to US residents only.)

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Just a few short months after her son’s birth, Charlotte Fallon faces a parent’s worst nightmare. In her darkest hour, she finds herself abandoned by her husband, Derek,left to deal with her heartbreak alone. Jobless and with very little money, she fights to regain her footing.

As the months pass, secrets her husband managed to bury are unearthed and she wonders if she ever truly knew him. As the truth continues to come to light, Derek’s business partner and Charlotte’s friend, Gregory Swift, steps in to help her deal with the repercussions of her husband’s betrayal.

Seasons come and go, and, as Charlotte begins to return to life, she realizes that she is much stronger than she believed. And while a pain this deep can never be forgotten, Charlotte learns there is room for joy in the future as the wounds heal. Even a winter of sorrow can eventually warm into a summer of sweetness.

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