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Release Day and eARC Review: For Love of: Tangi (For Love of: #1) by Antonio

For Love of: Tangi (For Love of: #1) 
by Antonio
Published May 1, 2014

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My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Colt Asbury’s life was good. He was captain of the football team in high school, popular with his classmates, and adored by his family. The only thing missing was someone special to share it with. But, between football and schoolwork he didn’t really have much time to think about romance—no that wasn’t exactly the whole truth. He had thought about it, and decided he wasn’t ready to deal with the ramifications of being gay. But, sometimes things can bubble to the surface in unexpected ways. In just a few minutes Colt’s whole world changes when he accidentally outs himself in front of his homeroom class over a new male student named Tangiers (Tangi) Reynolds. Suddenly he’s the talk of the school, yet all he can think about is Tangi. He’d never felt anything like what he felt when he’d first laid eyes on auburn-haired, green-eyed Tangi.
Still, it’s all too much for someone whose held so much in for so long and it takes its toll on Colt physically and emotionally. Confused and feeling broken down, he tries to find someone he can turn to, but discovers his best friend Mickey has turned against him. The rest of Colt’s friends aren’t even sure what to think about him anymore. His ex-football hero dad, whom he idolizes, and his ex-cheerleader mom are acting strangely too, and it turns out they’ve been hiding a closely guarded secret of their own. A secret shared by some of the parents of Colt’s friends. It will take the help of his younger brother Neil and Tangi’s sister Zen as well as allies in unexpected places to aid Colt in his time of greatest need. And then, there’s still the homecoming dance to think about, a homophobic chaperone to deal with, and a mystery man named Cameron. Will Colt be able to navigate these once calm now troubled waters of his life? More importantly will he be able to embrace a life with Tangi? All he knows is that he’ll give it his best shot for love of Tangi.

This was one hilarious read! 

It all began one sunny day, when quarterback hunk and all-around-good-guy, Colton "Colt' Asbury takes one look from a distance and surprises the class, the teacher and himself by stating categorically that he was welcoming a new student and asking her to join him for lunch. Well, thing is, this new student is pretty. 

Pretty Handsome!

The chatter begins, the rumors fly, the jock is outed? By himself?

This is a story of how rumors begin: when one statement gets heard, misinterpreted, spread, and exaggerated. When 1 + 1 = 111.

Tangi, or Tangiers Reynolds, is new in school and his presence causes a disturbance within the school student system and ranking,  washing away every single thing that people assume to be normal. His appearance causes a whirl of unexpected feelings and emotions within Colt, confusing him and causing him to act without thought. To cover up the mess he inadvertently caused for Tangi, and standing by his words, Colt does sit with him in the cafeteria. 

This, as they say, is when the fun begins. When a small pebble cast in the middle of silent waters, causes a ripple effect that escapes the boundaries of the school and way more beyond.

There is a huge cast of characters here that swirl around Colt's and Tangi's relationship: from Colt's best friend, teammates, cheerleaders, parents of all the kids, the teachers and even students over the next school. All the supporting characters each have their own story to tell and this, for me, was the brilliance of this book. Each character mentioned looks at the same situation and interprets it according to how they perceive it. As each share their opinions and take on the matters unfolding, each individual interprets the multiple interpretations in other more different ways. Before I knew it, I was laughing so hard at how ridiculous the conclusions reached were and yet I totally got how these conclusions were arrived at! The convoluted plot got even more hysterical when the parents started to get into the picture... and everyone got tangled up in the messy web of viral rumor.

But this was not just all about comedic errors. There were a lot of things here that causes the reader to think, dwell and finally understand what drove these individuals to be who they were. The story of Cameron was one lesson all the parents involved were not willing to let go and it drove all of them to be more than who and what they were when they had been young: to cherish their children and loved ones, no matter the cost. This part of the story was the drama within the comedy, but it was also central to the whys and hows of a group of teenagers willing to do everything they can to protect one of their own.

Tangi is another brilliant piece from Antonio and after reading three of his works so far, I really do not know which is my favorite. Each are different and can stand on their own. His ability to spin a tale of mystery, comedy and romance is obviously a talent that I am really beginning to treasure. I once said that he was fast becoming one of my favorites writers of mysteries and the paranormal. Now, with Tangi, we have a Young Adult coming out story. And it was brilliantly funny. 

Note: I was beta reader for Tangi. Thank you, Antonio! Big hugs! **mwah**

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  1. That was a fantastic review. Sounds like you really "get" what he was trying to portray.