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Review: Bottoms Away (Sequel to Bottoms Out About a Bottoms: Book 3 An Avondale Story) by Etienne

Bottoms Away
Sequel to Bottoms Out 
About a Bottoms: Book Three 
An Avondale Story 
Published May 12, 2014 by Dreamspinner Press
Formats Available: mobi, epub, pdf, zip/html, Paperback

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Chris Bottoms is glad to be home from undergoing the first of two surgeries that will free him from the ostomy bag he’s been wearing for more than a year. He’s anxious about the upcoming second surgery, but life is keeping him on his toes. 
The bank hierarchy is clearly grooming Chris’s partner, Mickey O’Donovan, vice president of a mega-bank, for a promotion. That doesn’t help reconcile the family who turned their backs on Mickey for not going into the family business. To make matters worse, Chris's little brother's abusers are still out there, and that makes Chris angry. He and Mickey are raising Ted now. Between dealing with spiteful relatives and doing their best by a hurt ten-year-old boy, Chris and Mickey wonder how much more reality they can take. 
Chris's second and final surgery can't come soon enough. Both men are looking forward its most important side-effect—Chris will once again be able to enjoy prostate massage—but not until three months after the surgery.

There is Chris Bottoms - arms wide open, looking out to the future and seemingly saying: come on world, have at it! and he looks happy, even if his back is all we can see. 

This is the third, and last, of the About A Bottoms Trilogy by Etienne. The journey of one Chris Bottoms, a colorectal cancer survivor, victim of a drunk surgeon, father to his little brother Ted and loving partner to one Mickey O'Donovan. His life is an adventure, lots of ups and downs, and plenty of loving from his chosen family. He has been through a lot, and now he is ready for more, to finally get his life back together, minus the ostomy bag.

For Mickey, he has finally decided to get his own closure regarding his family. For whatever results it may lead, he decides to connect. His one consolation was Chris. Should his reaching out succeed or fail, he knows Chris is with him all the way.

For Ted, he is on the road to recovery, thanks to his Poppa Chris and Pops Mickey. These two men saved him from the horrors he had to endure. He trusts them like he trusts no other. His one goal now is to make sure he works hard at school so he can be more than what he was raised to believe. Its a bonus he gets his wish fulfilled and meets and greets his idol chef and gets better in the kitchen.

Life is finally getting settled for this little family. The only thing it needs... What do they need? More love? More money? No. 

It is time to put to an end to the slimy characters who abused Ted. Chris is on the warpath. His little brother needs the closure. Money is no object. The friends he found in Avondale pitch in to help. It is time to put them behind bars.

Bottoms Away is the final installment to this series but it also speaks of a better and happier beginning for this little family of three men. Three men because Ted may be young and a child, but his experiences are beyond comprehension. With Chris and Mickey to back him up, theirs is a truly beautiful and loving family. Things are finally falling into place for all of them. And we, readers, are finally getting that Happily Ever After we knew was coming. 

As per his usual style, Etienne glosses over the more gory details of life and surgeries, but he does not spare us of Chris' pain through his blatant sarcastic remarks that spoke of hidden pain, anguish, and anger at the things he has to go through to try to get his life back. Mickey is such a wonderful partner, understanding and supportive. As for Ted, he finally gets his own closure which made me tear up and smile all at once. 

Up or down, this family each have each others' backs and are the more beautiful and stronger for it.  

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