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Review: The Family We're Born With (Finding Family #1) by Kaje Harper

The Family We're Born With (Finding Family, #1)The Family We're Born With (Finding Family #1)
by Kaje Harper 
Published December 14th 2013 by Smashwords Edition


My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Jesse Calhoun met Devin Palmer five years ago, in front of a Christmas tree at a friend's party. It was Jesse's first holiday alone, away from home. Devin didn't have much of a home to go back to. They found a way to make the season brighter, together.
Four years ago, Jesse brought Devin to his parents' house and came out to them. It wasn't all roses, but his family came around, and Devin has spent each holiday with the Calhouns since then. Jesse really loves sharing Christmas with his family, and sharing his family with Devin.
So he isn't prepared to hear his mom say, “I don't want Devin to come to the house for Christmas Eve this year.” Suddenly it's not smooth sailing, keeping peace with the family he was born with.

"One can always choose their friends, but never family. Then again, neither can they choose you." 

I remember these words my uncle said to me when once I was caught gripping over a family member. His words were quite profound for a teen-ager to fully comprehend at that time, but as time passed, these became a guiding principle for me as an individual.

It is funny after reading this book, how the words of my uncle should be fully recalled. I do not know the reasons behind the writing of this story and yet, there is a lesson here: No matter the circumstance, we always need to look at a picture objectively and accept fully how that image may be interpreted by each individual. The interpretations and resulting actions or decisions may not be palatable to all, then again, our decisions, logical and sane to us, may be seen as the opposite by others.

This was a beautiful story about how brothers of different ilk see life. How parents' decisions made can supposedly result to what is best for their children and instead cause a rift that may not be so easy to accept or reconcile with. This is a short, little story but it does pack a wallop and that, for me, is what made this such an unforgettable tale told.

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