Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: Mated to a Monster by Diana Sheridan

Mated to a Monster
by Diana Sheridan
Published May 17th 2014 by Dark Hollows Press

My Rating: 2 of 5 Stars
Stranded on a desert island far from civilization when his plane’s engine fails, Evan is rescued on the beach…but by what? Who or what is this creature, this monster, whom Evan calls Moob? Moob does not have language capabilities but seems to have the ability to transmit and receive thoughts.
He is also very male.
But how long can Evan live happily among this far-flung island’s native monsters and his new mate, who is one of them? Will a rescue ship ever come in search of Evan...or is he destined to be Mated to a Monster?

I have just been chatting with a friend and she asked why??? Why??? Just Why?

Well, my reasoning is: I needed a bit of different in my read this time around. So why not a bit about monsters? At least this is not a tentacle tale that usually comes up for Free on numerous vending sites.... well, so I thought.

Well, I was right. This was super short, super light, and just surprising.

For a monster book, this was written incredibly well. Okay, so you are wondering why my rating is 2 and I say it was well written? Well, that was my reaction: it was not working for me. However, I do recognize that this may work for other people and for a monster book, this was incredibly sweet. Moob was really, really sweet, and caring, and a good lover to one Evan who was floundering on the relationship area. 

Another point to emphasize and I found equally surprising: the erotica was not over the top and it was quite easy to read. Sure, this is a monster book, but not once did I feel repulsed by the whole idea and not once was I speechless to something incredible. 

This is a sweet book, and it was a good read and I got my HEA. It was not for me, but for those out there who like monsters? Go ahead and try this out.  

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