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Review: Sharing Heart (Atlanta Hearts #2) by Ken Murphy

Sharing Heart (Atlanta Hearts #2)
by Ken Murphy 
Published March 31st 2014 by Dreamspinner Press 
Formats Available: mobi, epub, pdf, zip/html, Paperback

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars 
Between their love for each other and their medical careers taking off, everything should be perfect for Mark Smith and Trevor Hayes. After all, happily ever after begins with “I do.” At least that’s what Mark expected when he and Trevor married. But six months in Boston and the threat of a harsh winter have turned Mark bitter, and his fall on the ice only adds to that chill. Boston is very different from Mark’s native Atlanta, and he’s having a hard time adjusting. 
As a junior partner in a very busy cardiothoracic surgery practice, Trevor has little choice but to spend almost every waking moment at the hospital. In spite of all the difficulties in their lives, both men want to start a family. The challenge will be figuring out how to make it happen. 
Unfortunately, with Trevor’s long hours to blame for a nasty accident, Mark begins to resent the toll Trevor’s job and the New England cold is taking on them. Maybe it’s the Boston air, or maybe happily ever after is just a fairy tale.

Sharing Heart is the sequel to Mark and Trevor's love story. In the first book, they met the trials of heartbreak, the chance meeting of a potential lover, going on their first date and meeting challenges life threw at them. This is a story about the two men, of how they go through the task of moving into a new city and working through the expected difficulties of new jobs. They pick themselves up, dust each other off, and they go on with life to continue to meet more challenges, with all their vulnerabilities  intact and stronger for it. A very different story from Stubborn Heart.

In the first book, the story leaned more on the medical and personal backgrounds of the two men. Here, we already know their backgrounds so we are given the chance to see how the two are adjusting to their new life. It all sounded good and HEA at first, but life is always full of the unexpected and the two realize that life-tests thrown their way can be met headon and defeated when they meet these together. Without the other, they find that they are not really all that capable. With this realization, Mark and Trevor find their jobs are not the by all and end all to their happiness. Maybe they need the pitter patter of tiny feet to give meaning to their love? 

This was a beautiful installment to what happens next after the two stubborn hearts decide to be one. What made their romance a fairy tale in the first book, this one is all about harsh realities and making decisions, together. The trials they go through are heartbreaking but their lives have more meaning and they find that rainbow to have finally get their happily ever after. Not what I expected, totally different angle from the first book, but made the love story of the two men more beautiful and romantic. 

Once more, Ken Murphy managed to write a feel-good book that made me smile.

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