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Review: Overcoming His Pride (Supernatural Mates #8) by Amber Kell

Overcoming His Pride (Supernatural Mates #8)
by Amber Kell
Expected publication: June 27th 2014 by Totally Bound Publishing (available for Early Download)

My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

This is book eight in the Supernatural Mates series.
Andrew never expected love to come to him.
Andrew Everett has had horrible luck in love. His wife left him with a baby then years later his second relationship ended with his girlfriend turning into a psychopath. Imagine his surprise when two wren shifters decide to keep him.
Marlen and Chen have been together for years. Kicked out of their flock because of their love for one another, they’ve drifted from place to place looking for a home. One sight of Andrew and the pair knows who they want to complete their nest. But convincing Andrew of that proves more difficult than anticipated.
When a woman from Andrew’s past comes back, they have to pull together to protect all that Andrew holds dear. Will the three of them be able to find their happy ending, or will Andrew remain unwilling to be their nest mate?

Amber Kell has this great habit of making me hate characters then love them when they finally get their own stories told. One of the most hated I guess, for the Supernatural Mates series, is Andrew Everett, the father of James Everett from  A Prideless Man (Supernatural Mates #3). Hehad suffered all his life with debilitating pain because of the suppressants Andrew had been giving him. Also, Andrew is that same doctor who had been experimenting with lots of chemicals that eventually harmed all shifters. Who could not help but hate this guy?

After 5 more installments, finally we find out the story that is Andrew and instead of hating him all the more, Ms. Kell has made me say, 'awww poor guy!' and promptly forgave him all of his trespasses. Hurray me, a sucker!

So Marlen and Chen, the wren shifters extraordinaire for their spying skills, have recognized said Andrew as their mate. It took some time for Andrew to accept them: first he never considered himself gay or even bi, and second, he was getting on in years and these two hunky hunk men were like the age of his son, James. Cradle snatching anyone? Then again, their whole relationship was a done deal for these two young men and instead of saying ewwww? I said: ooooh Erotic Older Hero! 

There is not much drama that goes on here, until an ex-factor of a woman turns up and attempts to change all things for her benefit. There was a bit of yay high drama on James' part but Andrew showed his maturity through it all and came out the stellar patient man who could just be as forgiving as the rest. Or unforgiving. Whichever way, his is a character I grew to appreciate and finally love.

For all those who follow the series, Overcoming His Pride is a nice little installment that settles the stories that are James and Andrew Everett. 

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