Thursday, June 12, 2014

Review: The Siberian by Carolina Valdez

The Siberian
by Carolina Valdez
Published June 4th 2014 by Amber Allure

My Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Sergei Tavrovsky is considered a recluse by those who cross his path on campus at Amurskova University, located just outside the Russian Taiga Forest. It’s a perception that fits the university’s AV and computer tech guy just fine. It means he’s successfully crafted his life to protect the secrets of who he is and what he becomes when the moon is full.When Grigorij Sokoloff, the friendly and sexy biology professor, storms Sergei’s quiet citadel to engage him fully in life, Sergei is forced to decide if loving this man is worth the risk that Grigorij might die.
This title is part of the Purrfect Tales AmberPax™ Collection.

This was not what I expected. This is a shifter story that basically focuses on endangered species like the Siberian Tiger and its aim is to impress on readers that this beautiful creature has the same rights as humans do on this planet. To live free, be free, and safe from poaching and eventual massacre and decimation.

For this turn of the shift, we have one Grigorij Sokoloff, a biology professor who fell in love with the Siberian tigers and was doing everything he could to educate his students on the plight of the species and others like it. To help get his point across to students and people around the world, he needed the help of Sergei Tavrovsky, an IT genius who has a talented ability to capture images and translate them onto video or Power Point. Sergei is reclusive and Grigorij had to find the right words and actions to get him to take part in the drive. 

Sergei cannot risk romanticizing Grigorij because he has a secret and involving others may get them in danger. He was also not confident enough in himself to keep someone as beautiful and talented as Grigorij. Thing is, the other guy basically thinks the same thing but is doing his darned best to keep Sergei in his arms. 

When events unfold that endangers both men, the question that remains: can they both survive the dangers that face them at every turn?

I really expected more, I guess, but after thinking about it, I ended up liking the premise of this story. Yes, it is a formulaic shifter plot but the author inserted some information that were new to me. I need to research on some of the things here, especially the one pertaining to the tea..... hmmmm..... there are  little things here that actually kept me reading this light read, and it is very light indeed. The novel is 76 pages long but it is so light and easy on the brain it came out very short. 

I would recommend this read to those who like a quick, romantic, light read. 

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