Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cover Reveal: Casi Indispensable (CAUM #1) by Ariel Jeanne

To become an author is something that never crossed my mind. It even wasn´t my dream. But‚ I guess it was written somewhere. So… here I am‚ giving the life to the characters and their stories on the paper. Now‚ they can finally have their stories written and outside my head.

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Title: Casi Indispensable

Author: Ariel Jeanne

Series: CAUM #1

Release Date: August 2014.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

They say that everything can change in the blink of an eye. In just a second. A moment. With a “boom”. You don´t have time to react and you can´t do anything about it.It is true.I know that. I live with that truth since the second I took my first breath.I accepted it. Embraced it.Or maybe not. Maybe I´m just fooling myself and living with it every single day.For years‚ my routine life was my sanctuary‚ until another second‚ moment happened. A moment that made my heart beat stupidly and I became a stupid girl. A moment that was becoming more and more my almost indispensable.But in life‚ nothing is that easy. My moment was taken away from me and replaced with another one. One‚ that shattered all my life… and laid bare… everything.


(Unedited and subject to change or removal before publication)

His full‚ soft lips on my right cheek‚ his stubble tickling it. His hot breath so close to my ear is making my mouth involuntarily to open‚ and gasp for air.

My heart is thundering painfully inside my chest‚ threatening to burst out. My chest is heaving uncontrollably‚ my mind dazed‚ my eyes rolling in their sockets‚ and my breath catches in the back of my throat with his scent that is everywhere around me and I inhale it each time.

His hands running back and forth along my bare thighs‚ leaving scorching fire on their way. With my legs around his waist‚ he brings his lower body impossibly closer into me. I can now feel him through his pants. Hot and thick‚ throbbing. And because of that contact‚ I hear him growl and hiss throaty and I suck in a breath‚ sharply.

His touch is doing ridiculously unexplainable things to me. Things‚ I can´t fight against.

I don´t have the strength to push him away with my hands firmly on his hard pecks because I am too caught in the moment‚ and because I simply don´t want to push him away. Don´t want to…

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