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Exclusive!!! eARC Review: Turning 17 & A Guest Blog Post By Perie Wolford

Perie Wolford is an optioned and produced screenwriter but he enjoys writing an occasional science fiction novel too. His latest sci-fi book PRESENCE is Available right now in Paperback and Kindle formats. As of 2014 Perie started new Gay/YA series titled Turning 16 (available right now Kindle, Smashwords, Paperback)
Genre: Science Fiction, MM/YA

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Review first published May 25,2014

The second book of the Turning 16 series...

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Sam is turning 17 this year and he is being pushed towards adulthood too fast. He has a whole bunch of grown-up problems on his hands now. Like how to make a distant relationship with your boyfriend work? Or how to stop yourself from cheating on your boyfriend with a hot friend who wants to be more than friends? Or how to disattach yourself from your parents and follow your dreams independently? But all that is just too much for a seventeen-year-old to handle. So Sam finds himself gravitating towards Eric, a little daredevil who introduces him to fun things, like stealing, lying, drinking, smoking, and having sex.  But we know that things like that can lead you into trouble. Sam doesn't know about that though, and he is headed towards a disaster. Somebody is just gonna have to show him the right way.

Perie Wolford brings back Sam and he's in big trouble: a birthday's coming up. He's Turning 17! Sam's working  hard to make sure nobody remembers his birthday is coming, but who can stop people from greeting him Happy Birthday? Sam is lovable after all, and he is cute, and clumsy and is just -  Sam. 

But when before he had Mitch to protect him from the curse of BD, he is now all by his lonesome, working in Crest Hollows Mountain Resort with friends Melissa and Kenan, trying to earn money for college. His target: go to film school and join Mitch whose family had moved to the capital city so he could attend a film school pre-college program. It was easier that way, but makes it more difficult for their young relationship. They make do to make their relationship work, but there are just too many distractions thrown Sam's way, and that is not counting the birthday curse.

Enter Eric. No one could really get a real grip on him. Is he gay? Is he straight? One thing is clear: this guy is a hunk and he knows it. Things get a little complicated, though, when both Melissa and Kenan start making bets over who would win Eric's heart. They leave Sam out of the equation, of course. He is in a relationship with Mitch after all. And it's not like he's going to cheat, right?

Enter Jake. Sam better find out what to do about Jake. Without Mitch around, this boy is an irresistable temptation. Jake and Sam are just friends of course. But it seems that Jake wants more. Will Sam cross that line and cheat on Mitch? 

This is a charming coming of age story about a boy about to turn seventeen, faced with some awkward changes in his life. These changes are creating interesting challenges, at least for him. These are confusing times and he is trying so hard to be a little older and make the right decisions. It's difficult though. Come on, he's just going to be seventeen! 

This was such an enjoyable read. It was a a light and quick read for the scenes just poured out of the pages and before I knew it, The End. This is one of those stories where I just could not help myself but smile and get dreamy. I found myself reading this again for a second, and then a third time. Yes, it is one of those light-hearted stories that I wished lasted just a little bit longer. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling much like when I would watch Dirty Dancing as a teen.

Turning 17 by Perie Wolford is guilty pleasure story one can read over and over again without ever getting tired of the feelings of sweet young love and romance with a little bit of drama included too.

Guest Blog Post: Perie Wolford

Everyone who has read the first book, Turning 16, knows the inspiration behind it was the movie Sixteen Candles. For this second book, it was a little different. There are quite a few inspirations behind it. 

Majorly, I wanted to recreate that romantic story with the vacation-y feel of Dirty Dancing... with Sam working at the mountain resort, learning to be independent and trying to make it on his own. Plus the whole dancing competition, that's a big tribute to the Dirty Dancing movie, which I adore. 

Secondly, since the story started out from my love of Sixteen Candles, there are some elements from that movie as well. And also, not to give out any spoilers, I will just name a few other projects that ultimately inspired me while I was writing T17 (or #T17SamIsBack for twitter fans :)) So it's Sex and the City series, however surprisingly, since I'm a huge SATC junkie and fan. I actually identify Sam with Carrie a little bit, and some other characters as well (dare you guess). Also, my #1 all-time favorite gay series Geography Club by Brent Hartinger. I loved all 4 books and I'm anxiously awaiting the 5th one. Geography Club was the first MM genre book I've ever read and its lightness and romance really helped me through some tumultuous times in my life. So I tried to recreate the positivity of Brent Hartinger's series as much as I could.

Now for some spoiler alerts!

I'm working on the third book right now. T18 is going to consist of 3 parts or stories. First story, The First Day in College, is going to take place in the end of summer, the day Sam leaves home and goes to college. And what happens to him during that day is what it's going to be about. This is the first time I'm stepping off the time frame of Sam's birthday into other seasons of a year.

Second story, A Christmas with Mitch is pretty much self-explanatory.

The third story is the actual book, Turning 18. It's the time of Sam's birthday again and he is going to be celebrating it in the capital city this time, away from his family, but not away from birthday curse

The release date is August 12th. Michelle and I are really going to try to get the book ready in time.

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