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Review: All Kinds of Tied Down by Mary Calmes

All Kinds of Tied Down
by Mary Calmes
Published July 4th 2014 by Dreamspinner Press

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Deputy US Marshal Miro Jones has a reputation for being calm and collected under fire. These traits serve him well with his hotshot partner, Ian Doyle, the kind of guy who can start a fight in an empty room. In the past three years of their life-and-death job, they've gone from strangers to professional coworkers to devoted teammates and best friends. Miro’s cultivated blind faith in the man who has his back… faith and something more. 
As a marshal and a soldier, Ian’s expected to lead. But the power and control that brings Ian success and fulfillment in the field isn't working anywhere else. Ian’s always resisted all kinds of tied down, but having no home—and no one to come home to—is slowly eating him up inside. Over time, Ian has grudgingly accepted that going anywhere without his partner simply doesn't work. Now Miro just has to convince him that getting tangled up in heartstrings isn't being tied down at all.


It's a Mary Calmes!!!! I apologize, I just had to get that out of my system. I am a huge fan of Ms Calmes and have always managed to inhale all of her books. When I saw this one, I positively screamed. 

My initial reaction while reading this was that this had a different feel. The men involved are sort of established as partners. Both are US Marshalls and total bad asses. Then there was the fact that they were the bestest of friends so there was none of the usual getting to know you stage. The one glaring difference for me was how obvious Ian was as attracted to Miro and how oblivious Miro was to his partner's feelings. Miro was so focused on friendship that despite this being written from his point of view, he was totally clueless to all the signs right there in front, right, left and center from him. Seriously! How oblivious could he get? Ian is right there and within Miro's personal space all the time, he says things that are also very open and full of meaning - and yet Miro could not see it.  Like, how could Miro not see what all their friends were saying, or what all the past girlfriends were saying? And he was narrating it! 

As stories go, this is one differs in that this does not follow one story line. Reading this, I could see different episodes in the life and times of Ian and Miro. It was like watching all episodes of one season of a TV series back to back in one day. The installments opens and closes subjects or topics, the viewers get to see new and old characters and some episodes are left hanging to be certainly picked up by either the next episode or the next season. 

Around 46% of the read, CLICK!: this is a brand new series! One involving Ian and Miro. Partners in both work and life, they deal with all sorts of bad asses, their lives constantly peppered with action-packed scenes and getting shot at once in a while. Oh, and they fly, too. Well, sometimes. Most times they run. And change cars. And deal with crime day in and day out.

The story of Ian and Miro is far from romantic and yet it comes out cheesy romantic and I just
loved it! There is none of the sap but there is sap. There is a whole lot of crazy and yet many events are short of real. Not once did I think this over the top and yet it was over the top. Overall a highly enjoyable read that screams first installment of a series that only a brilliant author like Calmes could pen. (Okay, sue me! I love her work! Ha!) I can't wait for what's next to come!

OOOOOOOOH! Wait! That party? Please make it happen?!?! Pretty Please!!!!!

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