Sunday, July 27, 2014

Review: The Cowboy and the Barista by S.C. Wynne

The Cowboy and the Barista
by S.C. Wynne
Published June 23rd 2014 by Evernight Publishing

My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Thomas Lexington decides that what his small town in Colorado needs is a high end coffeehouse whether they know it or not. Opening day is a hit as all the penny pinchers come out of the woodwork for their free coffee. 
He also gets a visit from a gorgeous cowboy named Asher Jones. Asher is intrigued by the name of the shop The Coffee Corral. Since his usual gas station coffee haunt is closed for renovations he decides to give The Coffee Corral a try. There is an immediate attraction between the two of them but Thomas is already out, and Asher isn’t even willing to consider that. It seems as if it will never work out between them, but when fate has something brewing the possibilities are endless.

When Thomas Lexington, ex-bullrider, decides to set up a coffee shop in the middle of nowhere sleepy town, no one but he and his best friend knew it was going to click. What, with a town full of tight wads that only knew coffee as either free of oil based. On the very first day of opening, in walks a cowboy dreamboy who was shy and quiet and a hunk. Immediate attraction is set and their relationship develops from barista and cowboy to friendlies and finally to second base. Theirs was a fast developing relationship and things are all rosy glowy when everything hits the fan leaving both men in confusion, anger, disappointment and need.

This really started out well, so well written in fact that from page one I had this huge grin on my face it started to worry my hubby. I could not get enough out of Thomas and Asher's exchanges for they were funny, sappy, verbally erotic and delicious. When their relationship hit bottom, unfortunately, the story hit bottom too. Especially with the way things ended. I was left hanging and confused, disappointed that what could have been a sure thing just got lost.

I am a bit disappointed where this went for it all started out fantastic and the author was brilliant but somewhere along the way, the story got lost and try hard as I could to find it, I kept going in circles. Until that end. 

Do I want changes? I definitely do! This was such a solid story and if only it were a little longer it could go all the way. I wish the author would rethink and re-do this for I really loved both Thomas and Asher, even if Asher was a bit of a four legged honking animal at times. There is something here that I got to have a good look at but it disappeared. I really hope to see it again.

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