Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review: If You're Going Through Hell Keep Going (Mann of My Dreams #1) by Tinnean

If You're Going Through Hell Keep Going (Mann of My Dreams #1)
by Tinnean
Published June 14th 2014 by Tinnean

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Mark Vincent, spy with the Washington Bureau of Intelligence and Security, has become the lover of Quinton Mann, spook with the CIA. With what's going on in both their organizations, can two such diverse men maintain any kind of relationship?
Mark Vincent and Quinton Mann have finally kind of, sort of, exchanged promises. Mark has returned from an assignment on the West Coast, and he’s looking forward to spending some quality time with his lover. After all, it’s the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. What could be better than a little beer, a little corned beef on rye, and Quinn in his bed?
However, on Monday it’s back to the grind—this time to an almost empty department: Matheson is away on assignment and Ms. Parker, Mark’s secretary, is taking sick time, something she never does. But these aren’t the only signs of something unusual, well, more unusual than normal, going on. Gradually, Mark uncovers a series of events going back to the previous spring and involving not only his senior special agent but Theo Bascopolis, a former rent boy who is Mark’s friend.
While Mark unravels the threads of the Gordian knot the WBIS has become, he realizes how deep his feelings for Quinn have grown. But can a spy like Mark ever hope to be “the one” for a spook like Quinn?

I just love love love Mark and Quinn. Don't you?

The timeline for If You're Going Through Hell... happens within that of second half of Foolish Me (The Light in Your Eye #2) and then some. Unlike Foolish, which was a sweet romance, Hell narrates the few days and weeks Mark spends cleaning up his department.The clean up needs serious tools like body bags and more amo one can imagine. Put in a some computer spooking and it completes the picture. Mark is busy, busy, busy, doing housework and discovers a diva kitten in the process. Unfortunately, all this clean up duty is not doing Mark any good as this simply meant one thing: not being in the arms of his lover, Quinn.

Of course this story overlaps Theo's and Wills' story as well and finally we see this point of view which turns out to be more deadly and serious than what Theo thought. Here we find the behind the scenes - deadly and action packed - that were hidden from Foolish. It gives us readers a closer look on how the WBIS really works now that Mark is the head honcho of his department. The only frustrating part was the paperwork which Mark found to be boring and long and tedious and boring. Oh yes, and woe to those who think they can one-up him. tsk tsk 

When certain events gets the sleeper awake, then things fall back within the norm that is Mark. Finding himself deep within the field work he so loves, we see the contrast of the field agent vs. delegator. It is an amusing contradiction. 

What I really lost myself into was the action-packed scenes and Mark getting into his deadly mode. This is the persona I fell in love with. It is this dangerous air I love when reading his books and insane as it may sound, I do crave for it. I just love blood, guts and gore, don't you? Especially when executed so clinically. 

As for the romance with Quinn? This story does not really delve on it too much and if it did, I cannot spoil anything. Just know that the romance is very strong here even it is overshadowed by the action scenes. The love between these two men is getting more solid and I cannot ask for more... well, maybe more scenes with Quinn and I really want to know what happens next. This is just the first of this particular series after all.

For those who, like myself, are great fans of the adventures of one Mark Vincent, any book that may get us a glimpse of this deadly anti-hero would mean hours spent reading and forgetting about everything else. If the book stars the incredibly deadly, and sexy partners we know and love, then consider the nights a gonner. The dreams for Quinn and Mark take over!


  1. Oh Mann! I love this series - I had no idea she was starting a new set of books centered around Mark. Thanks for the great review - I'm heading over to buy it now - sounds like perfect reading for this weekend.