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Blog Tour, eARC Review & #Giveaway: Crosswinds by N.R. White

The Next Chapter Publishing and Author N.R. White announce the blog stop for Crosswinds

“Crosswinds” author N.R. White is a U.S. Navy veteran and an award-winning newspaper journalists. Born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, his family moved to Columbia, S.C. at the age of 10 when his father returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam — at the same time South Carolina was in the process of integrating its public school system. The son of a career soldier, he graduated high school in West Germany before attending the University of South Carolina where he majored in journalism.
Having covered assignments around the world, those experiences are captured in the characters and settings of his manuscripts.
“Crosswinds” is the first of a three-book series. He is currently working on the second novel in the series entitled “Wind Speaker,” which he anticipates being released in 2015. The inspiration for the series originated during the two years he covered the birth of the white buffalo in Janesville, Wisconsin in the mid-1990s, and the Native American prophecy that foretold not only the calf’s birth, but its significance to people of all races across the world.

Release Date - August 28, 2014

Stranded in an airport during a storm, a random act of kindness and anunexpected encounter leads to a life-changing experience for a youngsailor on his way to his first duty station overseas. When Bobby walkedinto the airports only smoking lounge and asked to bum a smoke, Jackknew there was a reason a crosswind had unexpectedly blown the sailorinto his path. It wasn't until several hours later that Jack realizedthe exact purpose of their chance encounter.

by N.R. White

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

The way that N.R. White wrote Crosswinds isn't anything that I expected. A philosophical discourse on life and a discussion of Native American beliefs was the last thing on my mind when I started reading, but I have one thing to say. I am very happy I stumbled on this story and I believe it was a crosswind of my own that blew this novel my way.

What do you think of when you go people watching? Do you idly stare at them while they walk by or do you observe how they are? Make up stories about them in your head, dissect their fashion choices or social manners, or make active observations based on what they have with them?

Jack would make up the latter person. Stuck in the airport because Of delays, he strikes up a conversation with a nervous sailor who asks him for a smoke. He could have easily handed over a cigarette and a light then turned away, but something about the young man sparked his interest and compassion which prompted him to offer an act of kindness along with the nicotine hit. A simple meal then turned into something of more sustenance.

Bobby didn't know it, but he was running away and Jack sensed that about him. That chance encounter sparked one of the longest and most meaningful conversations in his life.

With the fast-food syndrome that is so prevalent today, it's almost unheard of to just sit and chat for hours on end. Yet, that's what Jack and Bobby do, and the younger absorbs and digests all of the wisdom the elder has to offer him.

Think of it as having a talk with a grandparent or a mentor who is willing to share the good and bad of what they experienced in life, as well as what they learned from research, history, and good old hard knocks. It's a crash course, a dissertation, as it were, of how somebody that's been through so much looks at how the past dictates or influences the present.

While there's a lot of talk about God, it's not a Christian lecture per se. There is (and I agree) a differentiation of religion versus spirituality and how it's perceived by society. I know people who are pious in church yet are inhumane at home or at work. Therein to me lies the difference. Spirituality should pour over into real life and it doesn't matter where, what, or when, or what your background is.

That spirituality then guides you to good and better choices in life. Is it the work or God or of nature? I have my opinions on this and I'm sure every other reader has theirs. But if you know how to look, and accept, gifts are in front of you. It's simply up to you to accept them. At least, that's what the book says and also what I think.

On an aside. I do have a suspicion that Jack owns or is a partner in the airport cafe, NASCAR. Why else would he be so familiar with the menu or talk so fondly about racing? Then there is that large tidbit about his best friend Rubin to factor in. The clues are just overwhelmingly obvious, to me at least.

Crosswinds is open-ended in a way. You're never sure what Bobby does with the advice Jack has given him but you're sure of one thing. Jack has planted the seeds of wisdom in someone he views as his younger self, perhaps for him to live a happier, more fulfilling life. But is N.R. White done, for now at least, in imparting wisdom to you? I will surely be on the lookout for succeeding books to answer that question.

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