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Derek Adams Talks Fever Dreams Books 1 & 2: A Series Review

Derek Adams has been writing for the print media for a number of years and is now making a second debut in the realm of e-publishing. His most recent publication is the novella 'Safe Harbor.' In addition, he has over a dozen short stories available from MLR Books and Extasy Books. He is also the author of a popular series of humorous erotic novels featuring Detective Miles Diamond, currently available from Extasy Books. Mr. Adams lives near Seattle.

Derek Adams Talks Fever Dreams

I've always thought erotica could be interesting, especially if there is a plot and interesting characters to wrap around the sex. Good erotica deserves the same attention to careful construction as any other genre.
Basically, they are all pretty much just what I call them - Fever Dreams. They are tales of obsession and describe what happens when you allow passion to take over and rule your life. These guys are obviously not totally in control of their emotions and desires. 
Like most dreams, they are anchored in reality to a degree, but tend to leave the protagonists and the readers confused and disoriented. You know how you often wake up from a dream and go "what the... was that all about?" Well, these are like that. Too often, folks want a cut and dried HEA ending to them, but life isn't usually that simple. I like to keep folks guessing.
Later installments of this series will, I hope, be totally different and may leave you less in the dark about the future of the protagonists. I want them all to be unpredictable, unconventional, unsettling and to leave the reader bemused--and hopefully not too confused. ~Derek~

The Mark Of The Dragon (Fever Dreams #1)
by Derek Adams
Published September 15th 2013 by Extasy Books
Honor student Grant Foster’s life spins quickly out of control after a steamy encounter with a mysterious stranger.
Honor student Grant Foster is resigned to following the in footsteps of his father and his older brother until his life is upended by a mysterious stranger with a dragon tattoo. Grant fights the growing attraction he feels for the man he and his friends have dubbed The Punk, but finds himself caught up in his spell. When Grant moves to end the situation, he is swept away by a tide of lustful passion he is powerless to deny.

Contact (Fever Dreams #2)
by Derek Adams
Published February 16th 2014 by Extasy Books

What happens when a man begins too long for that which he fears the most?
Two young men are confined in a military academy that is more prison than school. Kendall believes he can only survive by avoiding meaningful contact with another human. Harris believes that contact means salvation. The two cross paths and are soon locked in a struggle only one of them can win.

My Rating: 4 of 4 Stars 
(Based On Short&Light Read Category)

To quote a friend of mine, these were really hot teasers and I have to honestly agree! Whoa! These were HOT! and they teased and left me wanting for more. Thing is, I don't normally go for these types of books and yet I found myself just going for the next page and the next without stopping to take a breath then just got frustrated when I found the books had ended. 100% was reached and there was nothing left for me. 

The Fever Dreams books are not connected in any way for these are both standalones. Each book, however, are written on the same theme where us readers are left to imagine the best and the worst of the men involved.

Take The Mark of the Dragon. This is a story where one closeted young man finds himself inexplicably drawn to a another man who does not conform to his society's norms nor his family's expectations. One look was all it took and that was it. Wham! Bam! He's a goner. He did try to fight it but found he really just went the opposite direction, towards the Dragon who made his heart thump uncomfortably, his body react in astounding ways and his mind to go blank from arousal. Yups! Super HOT! read.

The next book, Contact, is not a paranormal. This is a story of spoiled, rich, bad boys gone wrong and sent to a private school that really was a concentration camp in disguise for boys of the same ilk: spoiled, rich, bad boys. Kendall is the alpha of the whole school here. He is rich, his family is politically connected, he is physically beautiful, tough and huge. No one goes around him nor attempts to go around him. Then Harris, another boy from the same background comes crying in but Kendall is not moved. Or so he tries to convince himself. When Harris turns his eyes on him and does his mojo of some TLC, Kendall just falls like the good alpha male to his beloved. Just as HOT! as Dragon, just as short, such a huge TEASE! leaving me wanting more from the two.  Then it clicked: this series is titled Fever Dreams and just as the author intended, it did leave me with a lingering and very HOT! dream.

For those of you who like HOT!, erotic, light, short reads that pack a huge punch - Fever Dreams is just the thing to take to bed. 

Note: Books 1 & 2 provided by author for an honest review.

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