Sunday, August 10, 2014

Review: Roses Are Red and Thorny…Ouch! (Holiday Jobs that Don't Suck #11) by Jackie Nacht

Roses Are Red and Thorny…Ouch! (Holiday Jobs That Don't Suck, # 11)Roses Are Red and Thorny…Ouch! (Holiday Jobs that Don't Suck #11)
by Jackie Nacht 
Published February 1st 2014 by eXtasy Books

My Rating: 4 of 4 Stars (Based on Short&Light Read Category)

Asking someone out for Valentine’s Day is simple, getting them there without a vehicle? Not so easy.Shaun works at the local flower shop while going to college full time. As Valentine’s Day approaches, he has to watch all the people come in and get flowers for their significant other. Wishing he had a Valentine, he didn’t expect a sexy man to walk right in the shop and ask him out.Ian has watched his friends find their partners all year, and when one forces him to go to the flower shop, he spots the sexiest geek he’s ever laid eyes on. Asking him out is easy, going on a date without a car…oh crap!

Have you ever wanted to read something romantic, fun and ending with an HFN while waiting in a doctor's clinic? One that will make you forget the whining and whinging of crying patients, young and old, before your name is called out?

Roses Are Read And Thorny... Ouch! is just the right read. 

Yes, I know! This is meant to be a Valentine's read but I just got to this and I have no regrets whatsoever. And yes, it made me forget about the wait and tuned out the chaos around me successfully. 

This is such a cute, little story and short as it is, it was just perfect! There was no insta love, there is not that much erotica (that would have been embarrassing in the waiting room!!) and the characters communicated with each other. The romance did develop between Shaun and Ian. They did wish and they got their answer. They worked for it. They did not rush and eventually, they ended up happily.

Yes, they are young, but who cares? Theirs is a friendship that soon became a solid romance between two young men. And yes! I did smile goofy at the end. 

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