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eARC Review: Ciro by Remmy Duchene

Multi-published Remmy Duchene was born in St. Anns, Jamaica and moved to Canada at a young age. When not working or writing, Remmy loves dabbling in photography, travelling and spending time with friends and family.

Ciro (Shivers )
by Remmy Duchene
Expected publication: October 31st 2014 by Totally Bound
(Available for Early Download)

Hades has no fury than Hera’s wrath...
Ciro is the son of Zeus and the goddess of the Storm Winds. He must stop his crazy, cursed brothers from destroying Earth, but most importantly from destroying the man he loves.
Ciro Pyktis was born with a target on his back, thanks to his father Zeus’ infidelity. Tired of her husband’s man-whoring ways, Hera cursed his latest offspring born outside their marriage to become Shivers. Somehow, Ciro was born a good Shiver, but a few of his brothers are hellbent on destroying him and the humans.
Finally, Ciro finds the man of his dreams and he should be happy, but now, not only does he have to protect all of Earth and Olympus from his brothers, he must also keep Carter Olabasu safe from the evil Ciro knows is coming.
Carter Olabasu has everything—his brother finally accepts his homosexuality, Carter has a thriving architecture business and the freedom to do what he wants when he wants. But he’s lonely. A chance meeting at a nightclub brings him into Ciro’s path. Almost instantly, he’s obsessed by a need that he’s never felt before—one for Ciro. However, when the world starts falling apart around him, Carter will have to face the fact that his new man isn’t who Carter thinks he is, and there are things that go bump in the night humans can never, ever find out about.
Publisher's Note: This book was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound Publishing.

My Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Author Remmy Duchene has been around for some time, but from my understanding, this is the first paranormal he has written. It is not so much a paranormal plot in the sense of vampires, demons or shifters, more it is a twisted take on Greek mythology. This story centers around the Shivers, sons of Zeus from his mistress Thýella, goddess of the Storm Winds. Angered by the fact, Hera proceeds to curse all sons of the union turning them into Shivers. 

As the eldest of the brood, Ciro took the brunt of the curse, making him the strongest and most powerful, but instead of turning him into a vindictive and power-hungry being, he used his powers to serve the beloved humans of his mother. His brothers, on the other hand, they were a different story and now it is up to him to discipline them. Should they turn violent, he must sentence. This all works well, until he meets his life mate who just so happens to be a human. Something which the infallible oracle never mentioned once. Now the tides are turning and the chaos rises. Ciro must now protect not only the humans but his beloved as well. 

Carter Olabasu is a self-made man and has the money to show it. He, however, was lonely and his determination to make sure his beloved older brother never gets uncomfortable with his homosexuality made him a recluse of sorts. When his brother finds out, he feels the guilt. Then Ciro walks into his space and Carter knew he wanted this man but then things started happening that pointed to the paranormal and it is not something he can comprehend. Things go to a head when Ciro displays his powers and history which Carter now must balance with love and incredulity.

This was quite an interesting read. The play with Greek mythology made the twists and turns to this plot quite entertaining, especially when modern man started referring to Hollywood inspired Greek mythology lessons. As an action packed book, this was not disappointing in the least, and it was actually quite fun reading the thunder and lightning action fun that can rival Percy Jackson and Immortals. For an erotic book, okay this way HOT! and really, it was HOT!

The only thing I will gripe about? The loose ends. However, this obviously is the first book and I am thinking I should be more patient and wait for the installments to answers quite a few questions I have running: like what exactly makes a Shiver, a Shiver? or what is the secret that Carter's brother keeps trying to voice out but is scared to do? 

I guess I have to be patient and wait and see.

Note: eBook copy provided by Totally Bound for an honest review.


 Ciro sat before his mother in the Hall of Winds and tilted his head. She grinned at him and patted her hair gently.
“Do you like it?” she questioned. “I thought I should change it up a bit after so many years.”
He smiled. “It is very becoming, Mother,” he replied, reaching over to touch her hand gently. “I truly like it.”
“And yet you seem unhappy.”
“I am.” He couldn’t hide anything from her. Though her wrath could be devastating to anyone who tested her, Thýella was a loving mother. Perhaps she was too kind, for now most of her children ran amok among the very people she cherished so dearly. “There is something unpleasant I wish to speak with you about.”
“I think I know what it is.”
“In the coming days, I will have to hunt more of my brothers,” Ciro began, swallowing a lump rising in his throat. “They have posed unnecessary risk to Terra. Gaia is not pleased and has tasked me in setting my brothers straight. But you and I both know they would rather die than be kind to humans. What should I do?”
“You know what must be done, Ciro. You are the eldest.”
“Mother—they will not stop with just a mere defeat. It has been proven repeatedly in the past. They keep right on coming.”
“Then they must die…” Thýella lifted her head, elongating her neck, a stern look filling her eyes. “They are my children, and though I love them fiercely, they have disappointed me so desperately. I cannot deal with Gaia’s wrath. And she would be right in being angry and seeking retribution for their damage.”
“Ciro!” The second eldest ran into the room. “We have trouble.”
“Who is it?”
Ciro’s heart broke. He gritted his teeth and stood. “I was hoping to reason with him but the more I think about it, the more I know that will never work.”
“You cannot reason with a mad man,” Koi said sternly. “You were the one who taught me that, brother.”
Ciro nodded, gave himself a moment to pull himself together then offered his mother a sorrowful look. “I must go, Mother.”
“I will come with you,” Koi told him. “Two is always better than being alone.”
“No,” Ciro said. “Stay here with Mother. If he gets past me, he may show up here. I need someone I trust to protect her.”
“I assure you I can protect myself.” Thýella raised her chin.
Koi continued as if Thýella hadn’t spoken. “You trust me?” he asked in a soft voice.
He touched Koi’s cheek then patted it. “We will talk later. Please stay here.”
Koi did not look impressed, and after pressing his lips into a thin line, he nodded stiffly.
Accepting a kiss to his cheek from his mother, Ciro took a moment to breathe. With a final look at Thýella, he exited the luxurious room and began his descent to Earth.
Once he landed, Ciro knew something was about to happen. There wasn’t much time to look around and take stock of anything, or even call for assistance. Usually, he had a little leeway to get Ares, Adrestia and Hygeia to help him clear cities and towns. In this instance, he had no such luxury.
Ciro bent his knees, digging his feet into the ground just before pushing upward. He flew through the air with his arms by his sides and his chest mere inches away from the tall structure before him. He climbed higher, up the side of the tallest building in the city bordered by two small towns. Darkness swarmed above, as though Hades had risen and tossed a blanket over everything.
He felt it then—the charge of lightning flashing from his eyes caused by the stench of evil carried on the wind. The breeze howled, surging from the north, and Ciro knew it was going to be bad if he didn’t figure out what to do—and fast. With his coat flopping behind him in the breeze, Ciro stood atop the one-hundred-and-eighty-story building. He tried figuring out where the attack would come from. Tracking had not been easy. When he was led to one of the small towns in the east, it almost broke his heart. The town was quiet, lovely, perfect.
 Children ran along the streets calling to one another. A little boy kicked a ball so hard it flew over a fence, hitting an old man on the side of the head. The man only laughed and handed the ball back.
A couple of dogs chased each other down a back road, barking happily at their game. Lovers lay on towels and blankets on what the locals called the beach, which was merely a lake with a sandy shore.
On the far side, workers had used heavy equipment to pile large rocks into the water so people could sit on them to watch the sunset. Ciro knew if something was to happen there, the place would be devastated. The citizens would lose everything and the town would be wiped off the map. In order to stop it, the only idea he could see was to lead his prey away from the perfection he now watched to somewhere larger, to somewhere he would have more room to navigate and stop the attack.
 Something pulled Ciro from his thoughts, snapping his head upward. Though it was dark, a scent filled the air that he instantly recognized—danger. Suddenly, it was there before him. He saw it the moment the funnel shape started forming. Pressing his thumb and forefinger of his right hand together, he then dragged his thumb down his index finger. A white streak of lightning followed his thumb while he frowned. He shoved his left hand out, sending a ball of lightning from his palm that disappeared within the funnel. A growl of pain followed, but it didn’t stop the turmoil.
 Ciro made a face then looked down. Below him, he discerned the panic. People were running, trying desperately to get out of the way. But the funnel cloud simply grew bigger. The larger it got, the more fear Ciro detected from the crowd beneath him, making him slightly ill. He tried shocking it a second time, which only slowed it before it sped up again.
That was precisely what his foe wanted—to see the humans running around, scattering like headless chickens in their fright. Gala fed from their misery, which made no sense since he was not a god of pain. He wasn’t even a god, but a tributary of one. Ciro was instantly sick and disappointed. His brothers were powerful beings but they were weak from their cruelty. Gala didn’t care how harming the humans made his mother feel. Ciro knew that for certain.
“I see Mother sent her favorite son,” Gala spat. “Predictable—as always.”
“That is not how it is and you know it.”
“And how do I know that, Ciro? Whenever something goes wrong, she sends you—as if you are god and creator of us all.”

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