Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Holloween! - Yeah, We Are Taking A Break! (#Giveaways You Can't Miss Ongoing)

Yes, we are going on vacation. multitaskingmommas Blog Tour has been so busy these past few months and we really thank everyone for coming over and enjoying whatever silliness we post on here. But it's vacation time, the kids are home and I truly miss them. I made a promise and now, they are calling it in.
We are going on a longish vacation this time, starting today, October 31st all the way to November 4. We will be back on November 5 and from that date onward, there will be more tours, giveaways and maybe more guest posts. We'll never know.
So off we go, you enjoy yourselves. I know we will!

In the meanwhile, check out the ongoing giveaways and maybe win something or more!

...and many more! 

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