Saturday, October 4, 2014

Review: Letters to Julian (Cupid Inc.) by Zayne Michaels

Letters to Julian (Cupid Inc.)
by Zayne Michaels
Published February 13th 2014 by UnScripted INC

My Rating: 4 of 4 Stars (Category based on Short&Light Reads)

Despite being a dragon shifter, Ridley Dragos doesn’t lead a life of adventure or excitement. Instead, he prefers the quiet solitude of his bookstore and the brief interaction with his customers. He has no aspirations of falling in love or living happily ever after, but all of that is about to change. 
When he walked into The Book Attic that morning, Julian Haell harbored no expectations other than finding a new book for his ever-growing collection. Ridley intrigues him, though, and challenges everything he thought he knew about friendship and desire. A simple chat over tea turns into a comfortable, weekly routine, but as the months pass, Julian can’t help but want more. 
It’s not every day a guy realizes he’s fallen for his best friend, but unfortunately, Ridley’s window of opportunity is closing fast. When Julian visits the mysterious Cupid Inc in search of a date for Valentine’s Day, Ridley finds himself facing an impossible decision—either seize the moment and confess his feelings, or let the love of a lifetime disappear forever.

Okay, so this is a Valentine's story but I missed out on it by delegating it to the forgotten TBR list. Fortunately, I was searching for something light, entertaining, romantic, sweet and mushy to forget the tear jerker stories I have been subjected to lately and it truly, truly delivered!

This is a paranormal love story between an elf and an ice dragon. The dragon is bookstore owner Ridley Dragos. He had just bought into the business and made some truly inspiring changes into the store by adding not only better book choices but a cafe at the back manned by an truly naughty barrista. 

A regular customer to The Book Attic, Julian Haell never expected to become friends with
Ridley. For one thing, Ridley was a tough looking man and huge while he was a truly out and proud and sometimes quirky and queenie gay man. But the two hit it off and soon the months fell away between work, the pages of books and cups of coffee. It was a friendship that soon turned to mutual attraction neither man confessed to. 

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and Julian wanted the experience with Ridley. Caught between shyness and uncertainty, he finally goes to Cupid Inc and gets a blind date scheduled. Ridley does not like the thought of Julian dating and so does his bit with ice. The results are not only truly inspiring, they were a comedy of errors.

This was a truly romantic comedy read and I just loved it. It sent me to a head space that took away the tears and heartache. It also sent me to giggle every now and then making my dogs curious for they were all quiet and still. Yes, this is a great light read that not only entertains but sets the goofy smile on my face which was much needed.

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