Thursday, October 16, 2014

When Idiots Give Authors, Reviewers & Bloggers A Bad Rep

There are days when something happens that just sets my blood to boil. Idiotic this move or thread may be, but this is happening a lot and it just gives my friends a really bad reputation. Including myself who reviews for the fun and joy of reading great books I can never imagine myself creating much less think about. Here is such an incident and I asked the author's permission to copy paste. I have removed the private and oh, so real name of the author, but the I***T's name, I leave on. 


4 hrs

Tonight, this happened! PLEASE BE WARNED!!!!

(Debra Myers)

I have an audiobook called The Truth About Caffeine. Would you be interested in exchanging reviews on amazon? I can send you a code to download for free if you can provide your email. If interested, let me know.


thank you for the offer, but I'm way too busy right now. Sorry

(Debra Myers)

I totally understand, another idea would be is if you can provide me with a review for your book, I can post a 5 star review on amazon and I will provide you with a review of my book. If interested, let me know


no - I only like reviews by people who have read the book. Thanks anyway

Is this actually a thing?

you just post a five star review?

written by ME?


(Debra Myers)

way too busy?

doesnt look like it


lol this is so being posted to my author page

(Debra Myers)

do that and you might find a negative review

posted and sending to Amazon and Goodreads

sure - I'll just post this to Amazon

(Debra Myers)

Enjoy your reviews

Mine going to my 5K friends

Chat conversation end

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