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Blog Tour, eARC Review, Excerpt &#Giveaway: Grinding In Greenville by Victoria Andrews, Haylie Harbour, Marley Roberts

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Author Haylie Harbour:
Haylie contributes the person she is today to the tragic circumstances she faced as a child. She learned at a very young age that life can throw you a curveball at any moment.
Her motto’s are; “No matter how bad your life may be, someone else has it worse,” and “Strength, it’s what gets us through the day.”
When she needed an escape she found it through books. She began reading very young and as she got older her taste in books changed from sweet and innocent to a little more risqué.
If you saw her today you would probably see her with a book in hand (the dirtier the better). She is an avid reader of anything smut. You name it she’s probably read it. In more recent years she has acquired a taste for the darker side. She most enjoys it when an author pushes her limits.
She loves the friends she has bonded with through reading and loves lending a helping hand to those in need.
Author Victoria Andrews:
Victoria is a happily married mother of two. Nothing brings her greater joy than spending time with her family. Hearing her children laugh is music to her ears. She loves to put on country music and dance around the house with the girls while cleaning, cooking and doing everyday tasks that may seem boring, and mundane to others.
She is often found outside by the pool reading while her girls swim. Talking to Haylie and Marley on the phone and online or attending their bi- monthly "book club"meeting is her adult time. She says, "I don't know what I'd do without them." Grinding In Greenville is the first book these three women have written together, giving y'all a look into what goes on in Tori's seemingly boring life when she winds up with these two crazy women she lovingly call my best friends.

Author Marley Roberts:
Marley Roberts is a free spirited, book junky who loves the male form. The harder the better.
Born and raised on a farm in Woodstock NY with her father(s), mother, sister, extended family of vagabond, pot smoking, hippy, peace lovers, Marley ran as fast as she could seeking normal at-- COLLEGE??????
What she found was a respite from being judged by small minded asshats, hot ass boys who knew nothing of her past, and two of the best friends a girl could ask for.
Today she spends her day in her penthouse apartment she shares with Haylie. That also serves as Boyfriend Bookstand HEADquarters * wink * reading, hanging out online, and finding new toys (plastic and those of attached to hot, delicious males) to play with and share with her present and future author friends.
Confused? You wont be.

Twitter: @boybookstand
Instagram: @BoyfriendBookstand

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<p> <b>Book Information</p>

Title: Grinding in Greenville
Series: Boyfriend Book Stand (Book 1)
Author: V. Andrews, H. Harbour, M. Roberts
Genre: New Adult/Romance Erotica
Publication Date: August 4, 2014
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Length: Paperback 186 pages

Victoria Andrews
NaïveVery ConservativeLife hasn’t turned out quite the way she wanted

Haylie Harbour
BrokenSoft with an indestructible coreBelieves in Happily Ever After

Marley Roberts
UntamableFearlessSexually driven free-spirit.

Three girls in college, who seem to have nothing in common, find friendship based on circumstance and their love of books. After college, life takes them all in a new direction. Some directions are planned, others are not. Keeping their sister-like bond tight, they create the Boyfriend Bookstand Blog and continue to support each other through the good and difficult times of life – both real and fiction. Things get a little saucy when the girls decide to take a much needed weekend away to attend an author event in Greenville, North Carolina, especially with all the hot cover models there. Three long time friends, books and hot models - Saddle up girls and get ready to do some Grinding in Greenville.

Review by Ramona
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Obviously Grinding in Greenville's authors are using pen names since they're the same as the characters in the book! But I like their style, and (I think) having three writers each do a POV then merge them into one novel is an idea that totally works. 

Friends in love with books decide, after their book club, to start a blog reviewing the novel's they've already read and also to get books from authors to promote them on social media. Eherm. That sounds mighty familiar. It's such fun when you get into a story and sorta kinda recognize yourself in some of the characters. AND have read most of the books mentioned or know the authors talked about, too. 

These three are so different you'd wonder how ever they could be friends. But it's this very diversity that makes them friends because they complement, strengthen, and smoothen each other out. Isn't it always this way with a great set of BFFs?

Marley is wild, and it's normal for her. She grew up without inhibitions, with the hippie lifestyle and free love being the norm. No filtered talk and nothing off limits, she says what she wants, does as she pleases, and sleeps with whoever she finds interesting - as long as they remind her of one of her book boyfriends and she can reenact one scene or the other. I'd love to have her as a friend if I wouldn't be on edge with what could come out of her mouth. 

Haley is one traumatized person with a trail of abuse following her throughout her childhood and adolescence. Always bullied and hurt, she never believed that anyone could love her or that she deserved to be cared for. While she wants her fairy tale ending, she's not too surprised that her husband isn't interested in making her dreams come true. She's hurt once again and thinks that fate is just doing her job. 

Then there's Victoria. Pampered princess, protected baby, everything-planned-out perfect girl. Until she meets Jake. Then her life is turned upside down and inside out and she doesn't know where the heck she is headed. So she closes herself up in a shell and refuses to allow anything to shake what perfection she has left. This very act of self-protection, though, might cost her what is most important in her life. 

Books are what bind these three together tightest and a book club, then a book blog, then an author event tighten it up even more. Honestly I never thought an author event would have cover models parading around; I always imagined it as a staid book signing thingy, not some event with racy potential. Maybe attending one would prove interesting...

But what's focused on here is what's real between one friend and her life partner. While it may not have started out as passionate between them, things could always change, right? After all, what's priority is real life, despite the void filled up by the fantasies in romances and erotica. There is a reason why they're called fantasy, anyway. It's not often that stuff like this really happens!

That incident with Haley and the model, though. That for me is the danger of these books. Any would-be Dom may think that all he needs is a fantasy copied in real life without knowing the deeper, more important parts of the lifestyle. That's scary for any woman (or man) who would want to try being a sub and get stuck with these jerks instead. 

Grinding in Greenville had me laughing in some places and caused my heart to flutter in others. There is some hard-core erotic stuff here but a fair share of romance, too. And the chuckles! I do say this book is complete in all aspects. Lastly, I agree with the Christian vs Gideon opinion. Christian has that sweet vibe going while Gideon is all dark. Then that chase scene that was almost Fifty Shades Freed. I could go on and on about what made this for me but I think I need to quit it right here. 

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Careful Careful Adult Content
Teaser 1

“You don’t love me, Max. It just felt good,” I whispered.

“Closest thing to love I ever felt.” His voice was a bit harsher.

“You deserve to be happy—”

“But you won’t give it to me.”

“I’m finding it for myself.”

He sat up and turned to me, his eyes now revealing anger. “I told you I would give it to you.”

“I don’t want—”

His hand flew between my legs and he cupped my pussy. A whimper escaped my mouth.

“You’re silky little panties are wet. Your instinct, your desire is to rock those hips into the palm of my hand like you did back then. To rub yourself against my hand until you come.”

I didn’t move, I just looked at him.

He stood up, growled and paced at the end of my bed.

“Baby girl, don’t open that door next time I knock or I’ll give you exactly what your body and mind has begged me for since the day I saw you all those years ago.”

“And what’s that?” I sat up.


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