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eARC Review: Owned for Christmas by Willa Edwards

Willa Edwards has dreamed about being a writer since she was four years old. When she picked up her first romance novel at fifteen she knew she'd found her place and she's never looked back.
She now lives in New York, where she works with numbers at her Evil Day Job and spends her nights writing red-hot tales of erotic romance. When she's not at her computer, you can usually find her curled up in bed with her two furry babies, her nose pressed to her ereader.

ISBN: 9781784303372
Expected publication: December 19th 2014 by Totally Bound

(Available for Early Download)

Christmas with her boyfriend’s family seems like a lovely idea—until she finds her previous Dom staying for the holidays too.
Kate Baker is nervous about meeting her boyfriend Daniel’s family. When she walks into the family home to find Grant, her former Dom, spending the holidays with them too, her world turns upside down. How can she spend Christmas with the man who shattered her heart and broke her trust in the whole BDSM scene?
Although she had no idea that Grant and Daniel were brothers, Grant revives all those needs that Daniel can’t fulfill. But she won’t give up the man who helped mend her broken heart after Grant shattered it—even if she has to bury the submissive part of herself to do it.
A year ago, Grant Farrell left the woman he loved—and the best sub he’s ever controlled—to tend the family ranch after his father’s death. It almost tore his heart out to leave Kate but he had no other choice. But he doesn’t realize how much it hurt them both until she shows up at his family’s home on his brother’s arm.


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“Are you sure your mom will like me?” Kate threaded and unthreaded her fingers together. The snow-covered Rocky Mountains filled her passenger side window. The ground crunched under their tires, illustrating that they weren’t in Texas anymore—that and the sub-zero temperature.
When her boyfriend had asked her to spend Christmas with his family in Colorado, she’d been ecstatic. Now she was rethinking her decision.
She stared out of the window, focusing on breathing deeply. The last thing she wanted was to have a panic attack the second she walked into her boyfriend’s childhood home. What a great first impression that would leave. For years to come, she’d be known as the crazy girl he brought home that one Christmas who stopped breathing right inside the front door.
Daniel pulled his hand from the steering wheel and reached across the car for hers. He gave her fingers a gentle squeeze. “I’m sure she’ll love you.”
She nodded and tried to believe him. It had been a long time since she’d met anyone’s mother. She’d stopped being the type of girl a man would take home to his family a while ago. She had never thought she’d be back in this position again.
That was until Daniel had appeared in her life. She looked over at the man sitting beside her. He’d glance at her with his warm, honey-brown eyes every once in a while. He’d combed his sandy hair back neatly. He was her savior. He’d found her, picked her up and helped her to glue her heart back together when she’d given up any hope that it was possible. The least she could do for him was meet his mother.
“What is there about you that’s not to love?” He smiled over at her.
There was a lot not to love. There certainly had been before. Enough to force someone to leave her. Or at least one very notable person. The one who had broken her heart and left her behind to pick up the pieces.
But that was all before Daniel. She tried to smile back.
They took a left turn, pulling off the highway onto a winding dirt road. Snow, a few inches deep, was piled up on either side of the road. White blanketed the trees and rocks. The car shook and dipped down the bumpy road. She braced herself against the car seat. This was a long way from her normal commute to school each morning. She’d never complain about Dallas traffic again. At least it didn’t have potholes the size of cannonballs, or ice.
“Trust me. It will be great. We got through the plane ride, didn’t we?”
Kate nodded. She had survived the plane ride. Thanks in part to Daniel and two mini bottles of vodka. But somehow, she’d lived through the flight. Her hands had even stopped shaking. “Of course I trust you.”
Daniel turned another corner, shifting onto an unpaved drive. It was hard not to notice the house so covered in twinkle lights it could almost be seen from space. It was beautiful. The quaint, tiny farmhouse sat nestled back into a hill. With the snow covering its roof and the lights decorating the porch, it almost looked like the front of a Christmas card. The kind she would have found and looked at longingly as a child from her Dallas bedroom.
If only she could stop her stomach from churning, she might be able to enjoy the sight.
Daniel slowed the vehicle before parking the rental car to the left of the small house.
“We’re home.” He grinned over at her.
Kate took a deep breath. He looked so happy, so excited. Her stomach churned more violently. She wished she felt the same as he did.
He scrambled out of the car toward the back to get their bags. Kate opened the door, stepping out into the cool air. Her boots squished in the snow. Good thing she’d gone for the heavy winter coat. She’d never seen so much snow in her life, besides on television. The bitter wind brushed her face and her nose burned slightly. But the snowfall was pretty, decorating everything in white and ice.
Daniel slammed the trunk before coming to meet her beside the car, a bag cradled under each arm. Always the gentleman. Just another reason she loved him so much.
“Don’t tell me it looks that bad,” he joked, a wide smirk on his face.
Kate tightened her coat around her chest, schooling her features into a more excited expression. She’d hate for his mother to see the dumbfounded look she must have been sporting. She didn’t want to give his mom the impression she was judging them, or that she was disappointed in what she found—she certainly wasn’t.
She didn’t think his childhood home looked bad at all. In fact, the little house in the snow was very pretty and picturesque. So different from her parents’ house, so different from the Christmases she’d always known.

Review by Ramona
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

What is YOUR grown-up Christmas wish? Willa Edwards has come up with a very interesting adult one in Owned for Christmas. Kate wants her man, her Dom, but which one does she pick?

Kate is a sheltered woman, although she admits she can only find her true self as a submissive. And only with one Master - Grant. But Grant disappeared, leaving only a note, and Kate's niggling thoughts on whether she was a good enough sub or not. His desertion almost destroyed her and if not for Daniel, she would probably have taken years to recover. 

Daniel is gentle, sweet, and kind; and most definitely not a Dom. He nurses Kate back to normal with his infinite patience and care, all the while assuring her that there's no one else for him. Finally she gets the courage to leave the city and travel with him to the family ranch for Christmas. It's a perfect holiday, right?

Maybe not. She's pleasantly surprised by the cozy ranch house, his sweet mom, and homey traditions, nothing of which she had growing up. The shocker comes in the form of Daniel's brother, no other than Grant himself. Suddenly all Daniel's hard work on her recovery seems to be all for nothing. 
Grant is still attracted to Kate and had his own reasons for leaving the way he did. Seeing her with his pesky younger brother may be even more than he can take, with the loss of his famous iron control the first victim of his guilt. 

Exactly how much does one love the other? What would they be willing to give up to have that love? 
This may be a quick novel to read, but it's definitely heavy on the erotic romance. It explores a dark fantasy of many woman in a loving, romantic, thrilling way. Kate does get it all, plus even more than she imagined. Who wouldn't want the complete and perfect man? Or men?

Owned for Christmas would definitely make anybody's holidays red hot. Willa Edwards, what a way to celebrate!

Note: Copy provided by publisher for an honest review.

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