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Happy Happy Release Day!!! eARC Review, Excerpt & #Giveaway: Secret Hudson (A Finding Nolan Novel #2) by K.S. Thomas

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TITLE: Secret Hudson

AUTHOR: K.S. Thomas

GENRE: Contemporary Romance / LGBT Romance

PUBLICATION DATE: December 15, 2014

COVER DESIGN: soLoud!media @

LENGTH: 52,000 words

CONTENT WARNING: Adult Content - Language/Situations

Royce Lemmi went from being the bullied little freak in high school to rock and roll demigod in the blink of an eye. While playing to packed stadiums filled with screaming fans night after night is a daily reminder of how far he’s come, most days Royce can’t help but see that tortured soul from before, anytime he looks in the mirror.
Kieran Hudson has never spent a day of his life questioning who he was or what he wanted. He spends his days tending to his mother’s store, but his nights are dedicated to exploring the world through the lens of his camera and exposing beauty in the most unexpected places.
When Royce and Kieran’s paths cross in a twist of paparazzi fate, they both react true to form. Royce runs to hide the weakness he fears, behind the success he now depends on, while Kieran never wavers on what he wants or who he wants to be with. And he’s going to do what he does best to convince Royce he’s right.
All Kieran has to do…is expose the beauty in the place Royce least expects to find it. Himself.


There was a knock on the door almost simultaneously to it opening.

“Royce?” It was Ava.

“What’s up, buttercup?”

“The coffee here blows. I’m going to make a store run. Need anything?”

I stared down at my legs, fully dressed in jeans, socks and shoes, then back over at the TV screen. I’d been awake, showered, clothed, and watching a Gilligan’s Island marathon since five a.m. What I needed, was to get out of this fucking hotel room.

“I’m sure I’ll think of something once we’re there.” I pointed the remote straight at the captain’s head and pulled the trigger. Thank God that was finally over.

She made a face at me. “You’re going to come?”

“I’m sorry. Is that a problem?” Not twelve hours ago she’d asked me to follow her into the bathroom to keep her company while she showered. Now seemed like an odd time to suddenly require some privacy.

Ava reached for the baseball cap hanging on the doorknob and strapped it over my head. “Not any more.” She pointed at the nightstand behind me. “Hey, grab those shades too, would ya? I really don’t feel like getting attacked by the paparazzi pre-shower and wearing my sweats.”

“You showered. I know. I was there, remember?” I slid on the shades anyway. I wasn’t in the mood for a morning mob either. I was no Blaise Nolan, but in lieu of Finding Nolan’s front man, people seemed to be happy to settle for the lowly bass player in a heartbeat.

“Um, that shower was ages ago. Do you know how much I’ve sweat in the meantime?” She led the way out the door, in spite of her apparent nastiness.

“Gross. I know we’re close Ava, but I do not need to hear about your sweaty sex with Blaise.” I reached for my wallet and room key on the way out.

“Ew! I went for a run this morning, you jackass! For the record, I don’t have unattractive, sweaty sex. I do it all nice and pretty like…you know, the way they do it in the movies. All sensual and magical.”

I nodded, even though she had her back to me. “Yeah, I hear that all the time about hetero sex. How magical it is.” Ava turned her head briefly and acknowledged the sarcasm with a dramatic eye roll and her standard half-smirk, but didn’t bother to respond. We’d had the hetero sex talk plenty of times before in the past. She knew where I stood with it. Preferably at a safe distance where I could pretend it didn’t exist.

Vaginas didn’t scare me exactly. I mean, they seemed innocent enough, and I could see the convenience of it all, one piece fitting into the other. But I’d taken sex ed. I’d seen that sweet little flower chicks claimed they were sitting on morph into monsters big enough to spit out a watermelon on a moment’s notice. Don’t tell me there isn’t something shady about that.

If straight dudes want to stick their dicks in there, I say do so at your own risk. Someday that beast may decide to swallow instead of spit, and then what the fuck are you going to do?  Be fucking dickless, that’s what.

We were in the elevator going down to the lobby when I noticed Ava was still grinning.


She chuckled before she answered, “You look nervous. Thinking about penis-eating vaginas again?”

“The thing drools blood, Ava! It’s clearly carnivorous.”

The mocking grin fell from her face. “Okay, now you’re just being disgusting. And you know I can’t keep up in below the belt verbal combat before I’ve had my coffee, so that was an entirely unfair attack.”

I jerked my brow in feigned shock. “What attack? It was merely an act of self-defense. You started it. And it will count. And we’re calling it a truce.”



Review by multitaskingmomma
My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Before I begin this review, let me just say I have not read Lost Avalon (A Finding Nolan Novel #1), but I really don't need to. From what I had read of Secret Hudson, the two are different stories but connected and the drama of this installment is a far cry from the first. That said, this is a true stand-alone written masterfully by an author I am quite new to.

Royce Lemmi chose to stay in the public toilet closet for fear of rejection. That is the gist of it really. His staying in that proverbial closet did not make him a saint or a virgin either, but relationships were left on the wayside. He looked at Blaise and Ava's happy domesticity and dreamed that someday he may get there too but knew it was simply that: a dream. That is, until he stumbled into a little corner cafe and saw Hudson serving Ava her coffee laced with Nutella.

Hudson is an aspiring photographer and he was really good. To make ends meet and to help out his supportive but quirky artist of a mother, he was also the barrista to her cafe. Looking up into rocker Royce's eyes was a bit of a surprise. What comes out of Ava's mouth was even more for not only did she drop the 'f' words like punctuation marks, she also offered him a job he could not refuse.

As Royce and Hudson pair off, publicly they do their jobs: as guitarist and as band photographer. Privately, well they were getting to know each other and got entangled in a beautiful romance in front of the band members who really were happy for them. The only problem is Royce. He is unwilling to go public with their relationship and Hudson does not want to be the dirty little secret. Hudson had always been out and refuses to go into a closet. Even if it means breaking his heart.

This was a nice romantic read and the drama that brewed between the two men were really not that dramatic compared to what Derek was going through. But that is another story altogether. Romantically, these two men were the perfect fit exempting the closet issue. How Ava, Blaise and the rest of the band members try to make right for the two men made for an amusing but teary read. They were a family and they did what families do best: support each other unconditionally. The difference is that all of them made their own families way back when they were in high school and it is tight. Very tight.

It is this tightness that made this such an inspiring story, especially when Royce had to make a decision and choose whether to remain miserable for the rest of his life alone or to make Hudson his own.


K.S. Thomas has a number of beautiful books, one as incredible as the next. Follow the links and live inside all of her worlds.


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