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Blog Tour, eARC Review, Excerpt & #Giveaway: Claimed by Love (Wild Hunters, Book #1) by Skye Jones

Skye Jones is an erotic romance author who likes to write about that moment when lust and love meet head on.

Author Name: Skye Jones
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books 
Cover Artist: Liquid Silver Books
Pages or Words: 84,500
Categories: Bisexual, Erotic Romance, M/M Romance, Menage/Poly, Romance, Paranormal
Kayley Edwards has spent the last four years closing herself off after a vicious attack by her lover left her scarred and terrified. After fleeing her native Alaska, she ran the length of the country and began a new life in Miami far from her family and friends.
When her cousin and his friends decide to vacation nearby, he invites her to join them, saying he has important news. Determined not to let fear rule her life, Kayley agrees to meet with them, only to have her world turned upside down. His friends include the two gorgeous men who’ve haunted her dreams for months, kindling her desire, and challenging her to take a chance on love.
Pack alpha, Luke Johnson, has sensed Kayley in his visions for years. He and his mate, Sean Wallace, know she is meant to be theirs. But how will she react when she finds out the world they inhabit is one she never dreamed existed? As passions collide, Sean finds himself acting as a bridge between his strong willed alpha and a skittish Kayley. But can they break through Kayley’s defenses and convince her to join their family?
Just as it seems the three may have a future together, a ghost from Sean’s past strikes at the heart of their happiness. They must fight for everything they hold dear to win their chance at love.


“Hey.” Luke’s deep voice sent another shiver skittering up Sean’s back. “Miss me?”

“Always.” Sean turned and buried his face in Luke’s neck. As he inhaled deeply
he heard Luke do the same. Soft lips nuzzled at him moving down until they found the mating mark he’d placed on him when they’d bonded. Luke’s tongue laved over the spot
dragging a low moan out of Sean. It always hit him deep in his belly when Luke paid attention to the sensitive area. “How did it go?” he murmured as Luke continued his ministrations.

“Crappy. The guy was a pain in the ass” Luke said with a quirk of his lips. “I mean literally. Dude had this big old set of stone thrones like something out of a movie
and he offered me the one next to him. My ass went numb about twenty minutes in.”

Sean waggled his eyebrows. “Maybe I’ll have to massage it later bring it back to life.”

“Ass CPR?” Luke snorted. “Sounds…interesting.”

Review by Ramona
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Skye Jones has created a rather surprising variation of a shifter romance with Claimed by Love. While there are quite a few alpha shifters (or two, or more) that claim a submissive human as a mate, the background of these shifters is what makes this story unique and irresistible. There's no stopping once you start to read because you just want to see how it all ends!
Kayley has literally escaped with her life. She's fled her home state of Alaska and reached the end of the line - Florida. It's the complete opposite of where she'd grown up and she's happy because it doesn't inspire the nightmares and fears that caused her to spend the last few years of her life under treatment and in a medically induced haze. 
Now that's she finally cleared and medicine-free, she's developed a disturbing side effect. She dreams of the same two men night after night, a voyeur to their hot private times together. Her nocturnal wet dreams show no signs of slowing down or stopping. In fact, they're escalating to where she can feel the passion vibrating off the two men. Not something she's enjoying when there's no one there for her.
Then Will calls out of the blue and Kayley realizes that the men she's been dreaming of are very, very real.
Luke is the quintessential alpha shifter and has felt Kayley for decades, even before she had been born. He has always known she would be his mate; it was just a question of when. It wasn't something that his small pack knew, however. The secret that he was destined to have multiple mates was shared only with his current mate, beta shifter Sean.
Sean is the light to Luke's dark, not just in looks but also in personality. Gentle and easygoing, he is the perfect foil to Luke's serious intensity. He also has more in common with Kayley than she suspects, a dark secret that only Luke knows that could still threaten his safety and sanity. The pull toward their joint mate is irresistible. It just remains for them to convince her that it's a true one. 
Together they help each partner heal, and strengthen the other enough to face a force they didn't suspect would travel so far to destroy their fledgling relationship. How they play off each other is what, to me, makes this novel a sweet, passionate story. Also, how their packs are structured (and their various ages) make it a unique take on the typical shifter tales.  
 My only bone to pick here would be with Kayley's cousin, Will. His character is erratic, to say the least, and I found him a bit hard to swallow despite the explanation that he needed to acclimate to his new state. He was my least favorite character, no matter that he was instrumental in bringing Kayley, Sean, and Luke together. There seemed to be no one more selfish and immature than he was. 
But the rest of the team - phew! Wow! I'd be most interested in reading more about bad boy Taylor and the irrepressible Julie. Now there should be some extremely interesting tales told about those two. 
Would I read more of Skye Jones' stories? Would I love a sequel to Claimed by Love about Luke's family pack? Oh yes, I would. I would even say I'd be excitedly waiting for it. 

A little bit of something about the author...

Cook at home or dine out.
I prefer to eat out, but finances mean I usually cook at home. So eating out is a treat, but one I love.
Do you have to travel much concerning your books?
I don’t – but I’ve travelled in the past, and I use that to help me think of places to set books. I also do a lot of research if I set a book somewhere I haven’t been. One of my favorite books, The Tenderness of Wolves, was written by an author suffering severe agoraphobia at the time. She set the book in a country she’d never visited, and many readers assumed she’d been there. She did all her research in local libraries. It makes it an even more astonishing read.  
Bird or reptile?
Bird! So beautiful. Reptiles can be a bit scary.

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