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Happy Happy Release Day! eARC Review: Renounced (Southwestern Shifters #10) by Bailey Bradford

Date published: January 9th 2015 by Totally Bound

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This is book ten in the Southwestern Shifters series, see the full series listing here
Nothing is as simple as it seems—or as safe. Dallas Smith just wanted a nap in the hammock but he ends up being abducted by a jaguar shifter named Tiago. They have a distinctly different take on several subjects, and Dallas is shocked to learn just what Tiago really is. Tiago thinks the wolves in the rainforest are an invasive species that need to leave. Meanwhile, there’s a threat to the rainforest that no one saw coming. Marcus Criswell has had more losses in the past year or so than he can deal with. He has to, though, because he’s the Alpha Anax of the North American packs. The only reason he’s in South America is because his guard was kidnapped, but now Keegan is safe. There’s still the matter of the man who tried to abduct Keegan. He can’t go unpunished. Then another shifter goes missing—Dallas, gone from the hammock in a heartbeat. And on top of that, Maarten is missing. It just got hotter than hell in Brazil. 


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A fitful sleep was worse than no sleep at all, Marcus decided as he forced himself to open his eyes.
“Coffee,” Nathan muttered beside him. “Ugh.”
Marcus snorted and propped his back against the headboard. “Food would be good, too. We’ve got a manhunt to get started on, and considering that we won’t be alone for who knows how long…” Marcus waggled his eyebrows. “Sex, maybe…if you’re up to it.”
Nathan growled a little, rolled over, and poked him in the belly. Not with a finger, either. “What do you think? And since when do we have to be alone to get off together?”
Marcus ran his hands down the firm planes of Nathan’s back to the plump mounds of his ass. He gave it a squeeze as arousal raced through him. “Well, fucking…”
“Yeah.” Nathan nipped at his collarbone.
Marcus shivered and parted his legs in invitation. They wouldn’t be having anal sex around anyone else, but shifters weren’t repressed. If any of them wanted to get off, and the time was right, then more power to them.
It was just that Marcus was a bottom, and being a gay Alpha Anax, ruling over all the North American shifter packs, was hard enough on a straight person. Add in gay and more hate came his way. Pile on people’s preconceived notions about tops and bottoms, strengths and weaknesses, and both he and Nathan knew it was best to keep that part of their sex life private.
“But there’s always other things we can do,” Nathan mused as he began to nibble his way down Marcus’ chest.
Marcus’ reply was sucked away by a gasp when Nathan bit his left nipple. At the same time, Nathan plucked and rolled the right tip between his fingers, and Marcus forgot about anything else but the way Nathan made him feel.
And the way Nathan felt. Marcus touched him everywhere he could reach, but really loved burying his hands in the cool, long red hair that was free from the usual braid Nathan kept it in. Soft and glossy, it hung past Nathan’s ass when unbound. His pretty hair was the envy of many shifters, male and female.
Marcus bunched it in his hands, not quite tugging, but holding on as Nathan worked his nipples over. A moan slipped out, then a second when Nathan sucked firmly.
Somewhere overhead, the steady, loud thumping of a headboard told Marcus he and Nathan weren’t the only couple getting busy. He smiled when he thought of Keegan mated to Olin. Keegan needed someone to help him unwind.
Nathan pinched his nipple harder and Marcus’ attention snapped fully back onto himself and his mate.
“Yes,” he hissed to Nathan.
Nathan left love bites all the way down Marcus’ torso. The ones on his belly made Marcus squirm since he was ticklish at times, especially when there was more sensation to whatever was happening on his stomach or ribs.
Laughing wasn’t going to happen, though, because Nathan also cupped Marcus’ balls and kept rolling them in hand.
“Hold the headboard,” Nathan advised. “Don’t want to break the wall.”
Marcus opened his fists and released the silky strands of hair. “Sounds promising.”
Nathan smirked at him. “I’m not promising. I’m telling you. I’m going to fuck you, hard.”
Jesus, the man still turned him into a puddle of want in a heartbeat. Nathan knew it, too. No doubt he felt it through their mate bond, just as Marcus felt Nathan’s love and adoration, his want and need.
Nathan loosely held the base of Marcus’ dick then licked over the head.
Marcus slammed his hands against the headboard. The loud thud would have been heard throughout the house.
Marcus didn’t care. He turned his face into his right arm and bit it, muffling the low, guttural groan that was torn from him when Nathan took half of his length in.
Wet and warm, Nathan’s mouth was perfection around Marcus’ cock. Nathan manipulated Marcus’ sac—rolling, tugging, pushing. He bent his legs and planted his heels, the better to thrust up.
When he slid the tip of his dick right into Nathan’s throat, Nathan let go of Marcus’ balls and instead rubbed over his asshole.
Marcus couldn’t have been still had his life depended on it. He writhed, head thrashing, unable to keep back the hungry sounds escaping him.
Nathan pressed two spit-slicked fingers into him. There was hardly a burn—Marcus was used to rougher sex. Gentle wasn’t in most shifters’ natures. Their beasts demanded a part in the breeding as well, so it was more common than not to have scratching, biting, and animalistic sex than sweet and tender—though that could happen.
But not this morning. Nathan sucked on Marcus’ cock until Marcus was too close to release. Every time Nathan swallowed around his tip, Marcus shuddered and ground his butt against Nathan’s probing fingers.
When Nathan finally eased them out and ended the blow job with a lewd lick over Marcus’ slit, Marcus was one stroke to his shaft from coming all over the place.
Nathan pressed his legs up and further apart.
Marcus pointed his toes as he spread. “In—”
The rest of his demand was cut off as Nathan smoothly rose up and filled him with hot, hard cock. Marcus curled up and was rewarded with a kiss that stole what little of his breath he had left.
Nathan plunged his tongue into Marcus’ mouth with the same masterful skill he thrust his dick into Marcus’ ass. Pleasure turned rapidly into ecstasy that rebounded from every nerve ending in Marcus’ body.
He held onto Nathan where he could, their skin—slick with sweat—making for a slippery grip. Marcus arched his neck, needing more, even though he hated tearing his mouth from Nathan’s.

Review by multitaskingmomma
My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

If you are not familiar with the Southwestern Series, you are going to definitely get lost in oblivion. This is an ongoing saga and being unfamiliar with any or all of the characters is going to confuse the new reader. 

This is book 10, as such this opens to Dallas getting kidnapped by a stalkish Tiago who just happens to be a black cougar shifter. Tiago is a shifter the original cast members doubted existed but as they saw it for their own eyes, they were now fully convinced of its presence. That Tiago just happened to be the same shifter breed as their arch nemesis, caused Marcus to doubt his integrity. 

The romance between Tiago and Dallas? I think they need more time but as the rest of the series proves, any future developments in the romantic direction are going to unfold in the next installments. Just like it did for Marcus and the rest of the gang.

This story shifts from one character to the next, each having their own bits of drama like getting kidnapped, made this read a little confusing for me. I had to take stock and just go back for a bit to get the right story right and in the same direction as the rest were going. However, once the plot developed to the point where all different stories converged, then it became an easier read. The only thing I really like about this story is because of the fast pace and the action. The hunt for the mates and the final battle more than made up for the lag before it.

Overall, I liked this little story and found it a  relaxing shifter read.

Note: Copy provided by publisher for an honest review.

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