Tuesday, February 10, 2015

eARC Review: A New Man by P.D. Singer

Paperback, 276 pages
Published February 9th 2015 by Dreamspinner

Senior year of college is for studying, partying, and having fun before getting serious about life. Instead, Chad’s days are filled with headaches and exhaustion, and his fencing skills are getting worse with practice, not better. Then there’s his nonexistent love life, full of girls he’s shunted to the friend zone. Is he asexual? Gay?
Grad student Warren Douglas could be out clubbing, but his roommate is better company, even without kisses. He’s torn up watching Chad suffer, gobbling ibuprofen and coming home early on Friday nights. If Chad weren’t straight, Warren would keep him up past midnight. They’re great as friends. Benefits might answer Chad’s questions.
A brief encounter with lab rats reveals Chad’s illness—he needs surgery, STAT, and can’t rely on his dysfunctional parents for medical decisions. Warren’s both trustworthy and likely to get overruled—unless they’re married. “You can throw me back later,” Warren says, and he may throw himself back after his husband turns out moody and hard to get along with, no matter how much fun his new sex drive is. Surgery turns Chad into a new man, all right…
…but Warren fell in love with the old one. 

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Review by: multitaskingmomma

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

This was such a great read and the juxtaposition between the old and the new Chad was so very interesting and his character so very well written. Just wow!

So this is a story in two parts basically. We have the romance that happened between Chad and Warren pre surgery and the one that happened post surgery. And the personalities of the two Chads is vastly different it was like reading about two different people.

So Chad had been involved in sports for such a long time but not because he craved it. He had to because his parents expected it of him and basically, he had to go into it to get into some sort of sports scholarship. Now on his final year, just as he is about to get what he worked so hard for, he suffers the headaches, the pains, the weakness and fatigue and worse, he is losing in his chosen sport. It does not help that he is accused of gaining weight and teased for it. He hardly eats but still he is gaining. Then he is getting attracted to his roommate. And he is not gay. 

Warren is falling for his straight roommate and it does not help he is such a great guy. When he gets kissed by Chad, he just falls flat on his face in love. Watching Chad suffer made him protective of the guy. Watching Chad go through the shock of learning he had a tumor, his protective mode went on overdrive.

The two men support each other, they decide on things they never thought to do at this early stage in their relationship. All looks rosy after the surgery. When the recovery begins and the expected post surgical changes happen, now that was something they were not prepared for. Chad changes, and not for the better. He is an adolescent in an adult's body and it is ugly. How much longer can Warren hold on to the man he loved when that man is no longer with him?

There were moments that made me cry for Warren and hate Chad but then, in the next instance, I felt for Chad and hated Warren. The changes in their relationship post surgery is when the true story begins and it was such a revealing read. The painful moments each experienced was very touching and frustrating all at the same time which made this a really, really fast read.

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