Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Important Changes Are Happening!


So, you may have noticed that multitaskingmommas Book Reviews disappeared for a while. Well, blame it on life and we had no choice but to step back a bit and make decisions. There are going to be some changes and it starts today.

First, multitaskingmommas Book Reviews will now focus mainly on the LGBT/GAY books. This means we will still be doing book reviews for the MM and FF genre. 

Second, the menage, bdsm, sci-fi, etc. genre, stay. But only some of them. As requests for the MM genre reviews are piling up and left unanswered, they have to be prioritized. Those books already read and reviewed belonging to other genre will be posted on their scheduled dates. 

Third, there are changes in the book reviewers. We will be adding more reviewers joining us. As of this date, this has not been finalized but it will soon be announced who will be joining us. Right now we have two more MM genre reviewers so I will no longer be the main reviewer for it. 

***Finally, for the scheduled reviews and promotions other than the MM genre, these may not be happening. Unless we had finished reading and writing the reviews. For this, we truly apologize. However, for the promotions and other stuff, they will go through as planned. Just no reviews. 

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