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Blog Tour, eARC Review, Excerpt, Trailer & #Giveaway:The Luxorian Fugitive by Mann Ramblings


The Luxorian Fugitive by Mann Ramblings
Title: The Luxorian Fugitive
Series: Ship Logs of the Santa Claus (Book 1)
Length: Novel
Genre: gay romance, science fiction, M/M romance
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing

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Sergeant Liam Jacks is the security chief of transport vessel, The Santa Claus. He travels the planetary cluster with Marc Danverse, his best friend and captain, seeking to escape his tortured past and find some peace of mind. Having been through a civil war together, Danverse and Liam are close. Maybe too close….All that changes when mysterious stranger, Hadrian Jamison, an escaped Adonirati, books passage to Alpha Centauri. Can he be trusted? Can the stories of his past be believed? As Liam’s fascination with Hadrian grows, jealousy threatens to tear apart his friendship with Danverse. When Hadrian’s owner shows up, Liam is forced to go against orders in order to launch a rescue mission to save him. The ensuing conflict may be more than any of them expected.


“WHAT'S TAKING so long, Sergeant? I'm not getting any younger.”

Dr. Saarken stood, bearing his weight on his crutches, in the guest room Liam had been staying in. He stared at the adjoining bathroom door where Liam was prepping himself for the evening. This had been a good day. His legs felt stable in the braces, and the numbness was minimal. He’d finished his morning tea without a spill and holding himself steady was less of a chore for a change.

“I can't believe I let you talk me into this,” came Liam's voice from behind the door. “This is the only way for you to lay eyes on Hadrian tonight.” “Why not after the match?” Saarken was silent, unsure how to respond.

“Doctor? What happens after the match?”

“If Hadrian wins,” Saarken began, “and he no doubt will, he will be in great demand.” He breathed deeply before continuing. “Phillip will be looking to capitalize on that. Hadrian will bring a great price for the evening.”

This time it was Liam who was silent.

“I'm sorry, Sergeant. There are aspects of the Adonirati existence that are unsavory, to say the least.” Saarken felt fortunate that he couldn't see Liam through the door. The more time he spent with the sergeant, the more guilt he felt over his hand in this. How did it all get so far out of control?

“Hadrian shouldn't be an Adonirati.”

Saarken winced at Liam’s angry tone. It was well deserved. “I'm trying to undo that,” he whispered.

Saarken stood alone in the lavish guest room. Ever since Liam had declined the offer of Zero and Orez's services, he’d kept them away from the sergeant as much as possible. Liam may have said no, but there was a marked conflict in his eyes. It was better to keep him from temptation. If he succumbed, he might lose his nerve for the coming trials.

They needed to rescue Hadrian soon. There wasn't the benefit of months of preparation this time around. This time they would need to take advantage of a moment's opportunity. From what he had been told and witnessed, neither Hadrian nor Liam would survive an extended campaign.

Lost in his thoughts, Saarken started when the bathroom door opened. “I feel ridiculous,” Liam remarked. His grimace couldn't be hidden. “You look perfect.”

Liam wore a fetishistic garment of black leather straps forming a harness. The straps gathered to a codpiece of matching material, finishing to a thong. Leather bands encircled his wrists and ankles. He ran his hands over his now-smooth skin, completely devoid of hair including the top of his head and beard; he could be Zero and Orez's little brother.

“How did you get your tailor to make this getup and the other clothes so fast?”

“As I've told you before, I have a great deal of money.”

Liam frowned as he rubbed his bare head. “Did I really have to shave off everything?”

“It is well-known that my Adonirati are clean-shaven at all times. They will believe you are a new creation of mine that fits through doorways better than the twins. Or they'll think you're an Adonirati role-player.”

Liam gave the doctor an irritated look. “I hardly think someone's going to reach in and check for pubes.”

His crutches thumped on the carpeted floor as he lurched forward, narrowing his eyes at Liam. “You are on Luxorian now, Sergeant,” he snarled. “The affluent elite here have no boundaries when it comes to the Adonirati. This is the only way to get you into the venue without anyone asking questions or performing a DNA scan on you. Everyone must believe you are my faithful servant or we're all at risk.

“You will be quiet unless spoken to. You will nod and be polite at all times and do whatever I ask of you. If someone decides to reach in and size up your endowment, you will nod and accept it. Anything else, and they will be suspicious. No one will believe I'm being possessive enough with my escort to object.”

Review by: multitaskingmomma

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

On board The Santa Claus, two best friends find themselves in a bind. Captain Marc Danverse and his chief of security, Sergeant Liam Jacks. Both men had gone through hell in the last war and this transport vessel provides surfeit from the worlds below but it is also their cage. Trapped in a situation neither wants to be in, they find they cannot get away from their needs and their inner pains. 

Hadrian Jamison, is an Adonirati, a slave of his world. Genetically manipulated to the needs of his master, he finally finds freedom, but at a price he never wanted to take. With falsified papers, he goes on The Santa Claus to journey to a planet where he may just get that final ticket to a life free from the whips and abuse of his master. Then he meets Liam Jacks and something snaps inside of Hadrian. Something just clicks and he knows there is nothing to stop him from protecting what is his.

Liam finds he could not resist Hadrian, even if deep down he knows this man has secrets he cannot tell. What spurs him on, he does not know, but he will do everything and risk all to guarantee the man's safety.

Marc looks from the sidelines and sees the developing relationship between his best friend and a passenger. He does not know how he feels, but jealousy is one of them. When he acts on an impulse, he never thought that Mackenzie Smith would stand up to his dominance. Is it too late for Marc to find someone to hold dear?

As the inner conflicts escalate for each man, somewhere in the universe, Hadrian's master will stop at nothing to get back what is his property. Will Liam be able to stop him? Will Marc save Liam from certain death?

I began this read with a whole lot of scepticism for there were elements that came in which I did not expect. There are secrets to the relationship between Marc and Liam and if I continue, it would spoil lots of stuff. So I keep my fingers glued tight and not reveal anything. It is for you to find out!

As for the rest of the read? There is action, lots of it. There is erotica. LOTS! of it. Then there is the required romance and yes, there is a whole lot of that going on. Overall, a good read... if you get passed the first two chapters! 

And that is where I leave you... hanging... I have to! Otherwise, it would spoil a lot of things for you. So go read and find out .... heheheheee

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About the Author

Like many gay men, when Mann Ramblings grew up, there weren’t any heroes he could relate to. The world held him back while he tried futilely to hide the real person inside. So much has changed since those hollow days. He finally found his voice, the voice that says it’s all right to revel in the so-called inappropriate joys, laughs, and loves that storm inside a man’s head. It took a long time to find that courage and now that it’s here, he plans to use it well.
MannRamblingspic-225x300While spending years more focused on visual arts, he never let go of his innate passion for storytelling—he wanted to write and draw comic books when he grew up. Once he discovered M/M fiction, a whole new world opened with new possibilities. Why couldn’t you have fantastic and dynamic tales with an M/M cast? He started reading the online tales of authors like, Night Tempest, Rob Colton, and Alicia Nordwell, which only fueled within him the need to create. Eventually he found, and with a little coercive nudge from Night Tempest, started sharing his tales with an unexpected level of positive response. That experience and support gave him the courage to cross his fingers and aim for the world of M/M publishing.
Born and raised in Michigan, Mann Ramblings continues to type away, wishing it was practical to use a noisy, old fashioned keyboard that clacks with each strike, if only to annoy his loving partner and spoiled miniature dachshund.
Twitter: @mannramblings

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