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Book Sale!!! Etienne

In honor of the forthcoming publication of Etienne's 28th book,  six self-published titles have been marked down to $2.99 on, and will remain marked down until the 25th of this month.

On his first Peace Corps mission to Africa, Winston Martsolf is captured by gunmen working for slavers. In captivity, he is sexually nullified and sold on the auction block and eventually becomes the sex slave of an oil sheikh. After two years in captivity he still dreams of escape, wondering if his boyfriend Clancey will still want him after all he’s been through.

Due to a freak storm, the sailboat on which he was being held by his owner is damaged, and Winston is eventually rescued. He is overjoyed to learn that Clancey still wants him, despite what’s been done to him, and they settle down to live their lives while waiting for those responsible to be brought to justice.

Grand Tour

William and Henry are cousins, sons of identical twin brothers, and members of two well known Boston Brahmin families. They've roomed together through prep school, Harvard, and Harvard Law, and dated some of Boston's most eligible young women.
Instead of taking a grand tour of Europe, they opt to go backpacking around the US, and are taken prisoner and sexually assaulted in a small southern city. The assaults make them realize how they've always felt about each other, but first, they have to escape.
After their escape they plan and execute an elaborate trap and ultimately catch their attackers red handed. After their attackers are tried and convicted, they settle down to practice law together on Beacon Hill.

Fold, Do Not starch: An Avondale Story featuring George and Mike

Captain George Martin and his partner Mike Foster face a new challenge when an employee of one of Mike’s clients tells them some troubling things about his employer. The subsequent investigation eventually uncovers a very large money-laundering scheme. 

Meanwhile, while George is preparing for a reorganization in the Sheriff’s office that will result in a promotion, his past reaches out to touch him.

Buzz Bets Badly, But Begets Bliss: An Avondale Story

Buzz Bets Badly, But Begets Bliss: An Avondale Story

Adam Yancey is about to graduate from college, with a degree in music at the age of eighteen. He’s highly intelligent, totally goal-oriented, and anxious to begin working on a Master’s and then a Doctoral degree, so he can pursue a career as a concert organist. 

But what he really dreams of is having a loving relationship with another man—a relationship like his father and his father’s partner have. Unfortunately, Adam has a secret. One he feels certain will prevent him from ever having such a relationship. 

Buzz Patterson is a jock and a track star, and all he wants out of life is to get laid—as often as possible. Then one day, his buddies goad him into betting that he can find out if Adam’s long fingers fulfill the old saying about long fingers being an indication of length elsewhere. 

Buzz has all summer to win the bet, and he begins to actively pursue Adam. Will he win the bet? Or will he wind up getting more than he bargained for?

Sleuth, LLC: Bring Out Your Dead: an Avondale Story

Sleuth, LLC: Bring Out Your Dead: an Avondale Story 

Telepathic private investigator Quentin Q. Quasar and his partner Nate Braddock are back. They accidentally stumble on a series of kidnapping/murders, and begin to investigate. Eventually, the kidnappers snatch a young man from an Interstate rest area, and Quentin and Nate hear his telepathic cry for help. Armed with that information, they contact their friend George Martin at the sheriff’s office, and manage to catch the kidnappers before they’ve killed the victim. The intended victim was on his way to Orlando to join his boyfriend—also a telepath—who’d recently moved there to take a job. 
Meanwhile, Nate’s grandparents fly into Jacksonville from Chattanooga, so Quentin and Nate can drive them to a hospital in Ocala. Nate’s mother has been in a state prison for women located near Ocala, and has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. At the end of a series of hospital visits they encounter and capture the leader of the cult that Nate’s mother and stepfather belonged to. The cult leader and his wife, both of whom had jumped bail before their trials, had just administered poison to Nate’s mother, to keep her from making any sort of deathbed confession about the cult and its activities. 

Bobby and Clyde were inseparable for the first sixteen years of their lives; until a life-altering event shook their world, and separated them. 

Years went by, and Bobby wondered what had become of the boy he’d loved so completely. Then, everything changed, and the possibility of reuniting with his first and only love finally seemed it could become a reality; but danger was lurking around every corner. 

Coming Soon!

Purify (The Chronicles of Old Town #3)
by Etienne 
Expected publication: April 22nd 2015 by Dreamspinner Press LLC

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The Ivory Solution: Volume Three
The Chronicles of Old Town 

Reporter Clint Buchalla has been tasked by his editor with delving into the activities of a sitting Senator, who is rumored to have been caught in bed with a dead girl and a live boy. Clint begins what he suspects will be a months’ long investigation. Instead, things quickly come to a head, and he and his partner, Lucien, find themselves in mortal danger.
The search for the rent boy leads to dinner with an older couple, one of whom worked as a rent boy in DC for twenty years, until he was paid two million dollars by the Senator’s aide and ordered to disappear. The rent boy wants something in return for his testimony, though. He wants Clint to help him get his memoirs published.
In the midst of everything else, new information comes to light regarding Clint’s previous investigations into the activities of people who seem determined to lower the birth rates of certain groups. It might take an attempt on their lives before all the pieces start falling into place. 


About the Author

What do I write?Let me start by stating what I do not write. Despite the fact that all but two of my books to date have been published by a company that specializes in M/M Romances, I definitely do not write romances. I think my books can better be characterized as mainstream gay fiction. You won't find angst-ridden characters in my books who wallow in their feelings at every bump on the highway of life.In my stories you will find strong characters who deal with life's problems pragmatically and often somewhat dispassionately—as in fact most people do in real life.You will also find believable characters, characters who might even remind you of someone you know.

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