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eARC Review: Purify (The Ivory Solution: Volume Three The Chronicles of Old Town) by Etienne

Purify (The Chronicles of Old Town #3)
by Etienne 
Expected publication: April 22nd 2015 by Dreamspinner Press LLC

The Ivory Solution: Volume Three
The Chronicles of Old Town 

Reporter Clint Buchalla has been tasked by his editor with delving into the activities of a sitting Senator, who is rumored to have been caught in bed with a dead girl and a live boy. Clint begins what he suspects will be a months’ long investigation. Instead, things quickly come to a head, and he and his partner, Lucien, find themselves in mortal danger.
The search for the rent boy leads to dinner with an older couple, one of whom worked as a rent boy in DC for twenty years, until he was paid two million dollars by the Senator’s aide and ordered to disappear. The rent boy wants something in return for his testimony, though. He wants Clint to help him get his memoirs published.
In the midst of everything else, new information comes to light regarding Clint’s previous investigations into the activities of people who seem determined to lower the birth rates of certain groups. It might take an attempt on their lives before all the pieces start falling into place. 

Review by: multitaskingmomma

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

In Scourge, we met reporter extraordinaire, Clint Buchalla and his partner Lucien Cormier. In that first book, we got to witness their developing relationship and the beginnings of a mystery that not only baffles, but horrifies those who realize the ramifications. Although this mystery remains in the background of a more obvious one, the book ends with readers wondering what will happen next.

In Cleanse, we read that Clint and Lucien's relationship deepens. Another mystery is brewing and the mystery hinted at in the first book gets addressed once more. Unbelievably, that background mystery connects to the first and second ones that Clint tries to untangle and make public. In the meanwhile, his reputation is getting the accreditation it deserves, and Lucien is becoming more and more his beloved. (Note: Etienne insists he is not a romance writer, but I beg to differ. Period.)

Now, we have Purify. We reach the end to The Chronicles of Old Town series and we want to get the answers left out from the first two books. In this read, the frustration rises, for me, as I try hard to get to the bottom of that unknown factor and fail. In the meanwhile, we get handed Lucien's dream to open his own restaurant and with the coming realization, the frustrations of having to deal with contractors and such. 

Frustrations aside, Clint stumbles into another mystery and he gets his plate too full to even contemplate finishing. Then the bomb drops, he gets information that his previous cases are linked even more because of that unknown factor. Unfortunately, the mystery gets deeper and deeper. 

But there is a bonus. We get a glimpse of the unknown factor and wish how incredible it would be to just kill off this ~thing /// individual~  I will not spoil!!! Once this bonus is given, we get to experience the highs and lows of an unravelling mystery that finally gets resolved. 

In the meanwhile, yes, no matter what Etienne says, the romantic aspect of this story is higher compared to the other two AND!!! we get to meet some-bodies (plural) that we would love to meet again and again and again. There is one particular individual I would really love to read about in the future (hint!)

So this is the end, the last of the series and yes, we get what we want and more. Just like the author promised. Although this book can stand alone, it is best to read the the first two books just to get a feel of why I just love Lucien. (And I still need that recipe.)

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