Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Happy Release Day!!! Review Request: The Altered by Annabel Jacobs

The Altered
Expected publication: April 9th 2015
Word count: 73,000 approx 
Twenty years ago the UK’s water supply was contaminated with an experimental pathogen, Lycanaeris, causing widespread panic across the nation. Terrorism was suspected but never proven, and when nothing happened--no epidemic, no unexplained illnesses--the whole episode was written off as an elaborate hoax. But Lycanaeris was selective. Only those of a certain age, and with a specific gene in their DNA were infected. Time would reveal the pathogen’s true nature, when those susceptible grew up Altered.
Daniel is one of thousands forced to hide his altered status by living a quiet life. He’s not like the others, though. Daniel can’t help looking so distinctive or being able to see every altered for what they really are. To those abducting altereds, that skill makes him valuable.
For Jordan, shifting from human to wolf means living under the radar to avoid unwanted attention. Meeting Daniel complicates matters. Daniel’s existence is a threat to Jordan and his friends, but Jordan can’t seem to shake the strange connection between them. When danger threatens, there’s little time for Daniel and Jordan to work out their feelings before lives are at stake.
Review by: multitaskingmomma
My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

The Altered is set in a dystopic, but present time world. The cataclysmic event having happened fifteen years ago, when a science experiment went wrong, malicious intent complicated things, and the result? Well, the alteration of the human genetic makeup.

The alterations were gradual and were easily ignored. If it were not for the government's knowing the water supply had been tampered with, no one would have even realized things were no longer as they seemed. But the information went out to the public, panic ensued and the alterations were spotted as soon as they occurred. Families were torn apart, bigotry against the new humans rose, and those affected hid in the shadows or in broad daylight. Walking about the world as if they were normal.

But things are not normal and Daniel, Jordan and others of their kind, know that things are not normal. Many are disappearing, whether they be friend or foe. Who are taking them, no one knows. Those who spot the suspects describe men in black who attempt to act like ordinary people.

Daniel is a seer but unlike other seers, he can spot a shifter on sight. Although he is technically altered, he is basically human and so is caught in this new society's version of cultural limbo: neither human nor shifter. Daniel lives with his full shifter best friend and full human rescue, Ash. Then he sees what he should not have seen, the full shift of Jordan who is just sitting there and drinking at the bar.

Jordan, a full shifter in full hiding, lives with his version of a pack. His friends do not like the idea of his obsession with the seer, Daniel and this gives rise to his inner conflicts. It gets more complicated when he does not understand the obsession and although one friend says it is a mating he is experiencing, he has no fact to base this assumption on. What he does understand is this: his unnatural attraction to Daniel drives his protective instincts on full throttle and he wants him. Period.

So yes, this is the usual paranormal, shape shifter story, but the dystopic world that Ms Jacobs created is truly fascinating. This a science fiction for all the experimentation going on, none of which were ethical in the least. The violence of the experimentation and resulting trauma to the humans and altered alike, it is a world that seemingly reads like any other, except for the 'BUT' and that but is what kept me reading and unwilling to let this go.

This is the first of the series and so leaves questions unanswered. The ending is not truly an ending either and leaves this reader a bit frustrated for it made me crave for what happens next. This is one series that I would love to follow and if the next story involves who I think it does, then I KNOW I am going to not only get the answers to the questions I have, but revelations are going to be surprises. Can't wait for book two.....


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