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Blog Tour, eARC Review, Excerpt, Trailer & #Giveaway: Love Cubed by Eddy Lefey

Love Cubed Blog Tour

Title: Love Cubed
Author: Eddy LeFey
Length: novel
Genre: gay romance, contemporary, new adult, menage, MMM

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Three very different young men meet at St-Frederick’s University.Francis, haunted by his past and seeking a new life.Andrew, the introverted football jock.And Sebastian, the charismatic and confident hockey star.Francis, wary and troubled, didn’t count on meeting anyone he could care for.Andrew, closeted and lonely, didn’t think anything would matter more than his football career.And Sebastian, content to float from conquest to conquest, never believed he’d meet someone who could hold his interest.An encounter with a journalist causes consequences for all three.Will they be able to take what they need from one another in order to cope?

Reviewed by: Ray

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Almost without exception, most of the books I’ve been asked to look at lately have been virtually unreadable.  Usually for one or both of the following reasons: 1. The writer had a tendency to jump back and forth from Victorian (said he, said they) style to modern (he said, they said) style in the same book; a practice that is always jarring to the reader’s brain.  Sticking to one style or the other, preferably the latter, is always best; or 2.  The writer took the lazy way out, and used page after page of non-standard dialogue tags.  Instead of ‘saying’ things to each other, the characters chuckle, screech, murmur, sneer, bellow, and hiss at each other throughout the book.  There are dozens of reasons why this is bad form, none of which we need to delve into at the moment.

This writer, in what I believe is his debut novel, makes neither of the above mistakes, and more power to him for that.  All of which makes this novel a breath of fresh air.

Love cubed is, as the title infers, a story about a threesome, and I found it both interesting and fascinating.

Francis is a tall young freshman, who is both muscular, beautiful, and an accomplished athlete, which qualities should make him very popular.  Unfortunately Francis has a past.  A past that has left him with both some physical and considerable psychic damage.

Enter Andrew, a football player, and Sebastian, a hockey player.  The two men, with some assistance from Heather and John, quickly help Francis overcome his fears.  A little too quickly, some might say.

Interestingly, the sex scenes, when they occur, contain very little vulgarity—mostly due to the careful use of euphemisms.

It’s an appealing story, fairly well told, and has a satisfactorily happy ending.  It is, however, necessary for the reader to suspend his/her disbelief just a bit, as it’s hard to imagine young, college age, hormonally driven, men being quite so insightful and introspective.

Two things would have made the book both more believable and more readable.  1.  The dialogue is much too well-structured and stilted.  Young college age men don’t, as a rule, talk quite so formally among themselves.  And 2.  The use of contractions is noticeable by its absence throughout most of the book, except for one short sequence.  In addition, it would have been interesting to have learned how an eighteen-year-old gained control of his money.

All in all, a most satisfactory first effort, and it earns four full stars from this jaded reviewer.


Francis sighed. He scooted down off the sofa. He wanted to look at everyone when he said what he had to say, but he especially wanted to see Andrew and Sebastian. He addressed his comments to the blond beauty and the brown-haired Adonis. “I don’t want to be obvious. The more obvious I am, the closer the three of us get, the more people will start talking about the two of you. I do not want to be responsible for ruining your lives.”

Andrew was shocked. He hadn’t realized Francis had internalized his own fears.

Andrew jumped up off the sofa and walked to Francis, putting both hands on Francis’ face,  cupping it. “Francis, babe, you don’t have to change who you are—not for me... or for Sebastian. You are beautiful just being you.”

Francis’ eyes had started to water. He needed to get this out. “What if I do something or say something? Maybe Marco knew because he’s gay himself—but Steve? He knew. I couldn’t cope if people started asking questions and pestering you. What happens if someone figures out who I am? Maybe this is a mistake. We haven’t thought about all the consequences. Not to mention, most people won’t understand why the three of us want to be together.”

Sebastian did not like where Francis was trying to take his train of thought. This wasn’t a mistake. They weren’t a mistake. He needed to steer this conversation away from thoughts of Francis stopping things. Sebastian also got up off the sofa and moved behind Andrew, sandwiching the blond. He put a hand in one of Andrew’s front pockets and reached out the other hand to grab one of Francis’ belt loops. He pulled Francis to him, gently. This caused Francis to be very close to Andrew; so much so Andrew could feel Francis’ breath. He could feel Francis’ thighs rubbing against his. Andrew could also feel Sebastian’s manhood on his buttocks. To calm himself, the blond turned his head slightly so he could temporarily avert the intense green-eyed gaze in front of him. He lowered his hands and put one on Francis’ waist. He reached back toward Sebastian with the other.

Francis looked into the brown eyes that were now in front of him, as Sebastian continued, pleading, "Francis, babe. People have been talking about me for years. I can take the talk. If you think no one has ever suspected, or talked, about Andrew.... Please don’t say you want us to end.”

Francis stared into Sebastian’s eyes. He could tell Sebastian was being sincere. That Sebastian wanted him, wanted Andrew, and not just for sex. If that were the case, they would have done the deed many times already.

Francis glanced at Andrew. A smile had formed on Andrew’s face. “Francis, I need to tell you two things. One: I know this is difficult. Having a relationship like this is hard. Nevertheless, I don’t want to hear this kind of talk again, unless you’re really serious. And two: Francis, you do know the last thing Steve said was directed as much to me, and even Sebastian, as it was to you. Don’t you? What does that tell you? Maybe you aren’t the only one who’s obvious—think on that.”


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About the Author

Eddy LeFeyEddie LeFey started reading m/m romance fanfiction a few years ago. At one point, during a crucial point in the soap opera storyline of his favorite gay couple, the story went on hiatus. He needed a fix and decided to write his own version of what he wished would happen. Friends wanted to read it, so he plucked up his courage. Pressing the submission button was nerve-wracking, but he did it. People liked it. He wrote a few more.
Up until that point Eddy had tried his hand at writing many times. The delete button was his friend, as was starting over, and over, and over, but he could no longer do that if he wanted people to read his works.
A few of his writing friends decided to create original stories, and feeling brave, Eddy did the same. The stories were shared among a select few. They encouraged him to submit one of them. Low and behold, it is now being published.
Eddy lives in Canada with his husband Ken and his cat Oscar Wild. He is busy writing many more stories.

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