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Review: An Omega's Heart (Under Wolves #2) by Amber Kell

An Omega's Heart (The Under Wolves #2)

When everything is lost, the only thing left to fight for is love.

Conley Elnon has been abused most of his life. He agrees to help the War Council in uncovering a vampire mole in exchange for having the opportunity to find his family. When he meets his mate Jacob, he leaves him in order to track a mad bomber intent on taking out shifter camps.

Jacob refuses to let his mate escape. He’s waited too long to find his fated mate to let him leave before he’s had a chance to say little more than hello. When he finds his mate in the middle of vampire territory, Jacob has to use all his skills to help his mate figure out the truth between vampires and shifters and how they are responsible for what happened to Conley’s family.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.


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Conley Elnon ran through the camp. His heart pounded and raced as he dashed around tents and people, jumping over ropes and stakes in his hurry to return to where he’d last seen Denel.
Sliding to a stop, he stared at the empty spot. A wild hope swept through him that the psychotic ex-kitchen manager might have developed the power of invisibility in the past fifteen minutes. He took a deep breath, hoping to sniff out the missing shifter. Nothing. Only the mingled smells of horses, dirt and the indistinct fragrance of other shifters filled the air.
Fuck. I’ve lost him.
Despair twisted his gut. After all his work, in one selfless act he’d destroyed everything. The War Council would string him up when they found out. They wouldn’t care about Conley saving Kaden’s life. They demanded results. Ruining all his undercover work to protect one small gamma shifter would enrage the council members. Compassion must’ve been bred out of the group that led the war effort. They treated people as commodities instead of living beings. Maybe they needed to be objective, but from the council members’ cold eyes, Conley suspected they had lacked any softer feelings even before the war.
One small moment of heroism had dragged him back to square one. It was stupid to expect Denel to be waiting where he’d left him, but Conley couldn’t stay put when Greg had dragged Kaden away. Denel hadn’t shared that part of his plan when he’d asked Conley to help him get the gamma. Conley had hoped to use the gentle wolf as a way to get Denel to admit his connection to the vampires. Even with Kaden in his clutches, Denel hadn’t specifically mentioned the vampires by name. He’d said nothing admissible in a council trial.
Although he felt good about saving Kaden, he hadn’t done himself any favors. Conley needed to work on having fewer ethics. When vampires had invaded his family home months ago, he had escaped with only a scar on his face as a reminder. His father’s silver ring had left a mark when he’d punched Conley and left him to die in his family’s burning house.
Only the memories of his mother’s screams stopped him from thinking they’d all wished him dead. The memory of his father glancing down at Conley as if he were gum not worth scraping off the bottom of his shoe often reappeared in his nightmares.
Fate and a human firefighter had saved him. If it weren’t for Frank, Conley would’ve died. Frank had understood about Conley’s shifter genes, having dated a wolf hybrid in his past, and had risked his safety to protect Conley while he recovered.
As soon as he’d healed, Conley had immediately offered up his services to the War Council. Until the fire, it had only been a theoretical battle between vampires and wolves, but once they’d taken his mother and younger brother Van, it had become personal. Before the war, Conley had worked as a cop among humans, trying to prevent vampires from stealing them and draining their blood. Mortals were easily swayed by a vampire’s glamour, and Conley had been punched more than once for pulling a human from his supposed ‘beloved’. The day of the fire he’d stopped by to visit his family, unaware his father had arranged a meeting with vampires. Conley could only guess that they’d tried to kill him to cover tracks of their presence.
Despite everyone telling him the vampires never kept their captives alive, Conley couldn’t accept that answer. In his heart he knew the vamps were still holding his family, no doubt to keep control of his father. Why they thought Conley’s father, Alan Elnon, cared about anyone but himself baffled Conley. His dad’s selfish behavior and violent ways had been steadfast truths in Conley’s childhood. He couldn’t muster any surprise at the thought of his father helping the vampires. If they promised Conley’s father riches or prestige, Alan would’ve jumped at the offer like a hungry wolf at a steak.
Conley never determined what had changed to make the vampires turn on his dad and kidnap the rest of his family, but maybe they didn’t need a reason. Vampires were predatory creatures. Deep down, Conley hoped to be eventually reunited with Van and his mother. He didn’t care what happened to his asshole father. If the vampires destroyed Alan, Conley would sleep well at night.

Review by: fadia
My Rating: 3 of 4 Stars
(Short&Light Read Category)

It was some time ago that I read Gama's choice and had to familiarize myself with the overall storyline of The Underwolves. When we first meet Conley he is a scared Omega undercover agent for the Council. Through an altruistic act in order to save Kyle from a psychopath he loses track of his target. Which leads to him being fired from the Council.

You have to really give Conley credit for his work ethics and his dedication to his family. Not many shifters could withstand the "mate pull". Conley did just that in order to get the job done. Dont get me wrong his mate Jacob is no wimp either, even after being flash bombed by his mate he still goes after him aniliate the enemy. 

They say that fate do not pair you with someone who is not compatible. In this installment that is true because both Jacob and Conley were able to put their mating on the side to take care of what was most important.

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