Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review: Me & the Billionaire's Son (Just a Quickie #56) by Jamie Lake

Me & the Billionaire's Son (Just a Quickie #56)
 Published January 8th 2015 by Jamie Lake


When Joel spots Adam across a crowded room, he can't keep his eyes off him. How is he to know that Adam has plans for him this evening too and that he is also the son of Joel's boss, a billionaire?
This is a short gay romance M M novel with 8000 words and a 30-minute read. If you are looking for a full-length novel, please do not purchase this book.

Review by: multitaskingmomma

My Rating: 4 of 4 Stars
(Based on Short&Light Read Category)

This is another shortie, quickie and erotic story from Jamie Lake. This author, she has a new title I bestow on her: Quickie Queen. She's naughty our Ms Jamie and she makes readers who want a, yes, quick, read get full satisfaction in only thirty minutes.

As the blurb says: Joel sees a hunk of a man in tux. The event: Joel's boss is having a party and as his personal assistant, Joel had to be there. His plus one is his supposed fiancee who just happens to like linking arms and legs around those she deems worthy (has the mullah). When Adam, the hunk, spots Joel, the sparks fly across the room. In a short read, we get to see just how those sparks set the scene to flame and yeah, this is short. We don't know what happens next but that is the whole point to this quick exercise. It's meant to make us smile... you can define the smile yourself once you read this. 

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