Thursday, June 4, 2015

Review Request: Murphy (F.I.S.T.S #2) by Bey Deckard

Murphy (F.I.S.T.S. #2)

Novellette (17,853 words)
Genre(s): Science Fiction, Erotica, Military, BDSM, Gay

Sometimes when it seems like it’s too late, the right person comes along and opens your eyes… 
Murphy is the continuing story of a D/s relationship between two Space Marines who found each other in the midst of hopelessness and misfortune.
Sarge and his newly minted squad travel across the galaxy on a top-secret mission that could help win the war. However, to Murphy something about the mission stinks, and it’s not just the planet they’ve landed on.

Review by: multitaskingmomma
My Rating: 4 of 4 Stars
(Based on Short&Light Read Category)

Murphy is the sequel to Sarge. The love of Sarge. The one man who controls Sarge.

For those of you who have no idea who Sarge is, this is a man who is tougher than tough and is the master to Murphy. They are an established D/S couple who have been through a harrowing battle and been awarded for it. With this second installment, we see the softer side of Sarge. We also see just how Murphy controls his older lover, the man he claims and owes to as his master. 

Time has passed since we first saw them and now Murphy is walking around with a new leg and basically everyone knows of his relationship with Sarge. Sarge is serving up some time because of some misdemeanor from the first book but is still the man very much in charge of the new assignment given them. 

All should be good, all should be well, but Murphy is not feeling the good vibes and Sarge is feeling that something is not right. Both men trust their instincts yet cannot pin why they are feeling uncomfortable. When they finally land on the planet to destroy an enemy camp, they find out. It might just be too late.

Again, Bey Deckard comes up with a shortie that slam dunks a great read. Yes, this is short but it has all of the elements present and accounted for. What is surprising is both the plot and characters are so well developed, it should belong to a novel, not a novella.

Now all I have to do is wait what comes next. That ending, that rocked but left a whole lot of ideas floating in mind that Deckard is not quite revealing yet.

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