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Review: Vintage Pride (Lionhearts #3) by Elizabeth Coldwell

Vintage Pride (Lionhearts #3)Vintage Pride (Lionhearts #3)
by Elizabeth Coldwell
Totally Bound (Available for Early Download)
He doesn’t believe in the paranormal. Can a gorgeous shifter prove him wrong?
Ethan Wayne is a paranormal investigator for the hottest reality show on TV, Spirit Seekers, but his love life is decidedly lukewarm. Reeling from a sudden break-up, he finds himself heading for France, where his team will be exploring the Château LeBlanc, searching for the ghost of a murdered kitchen maid. When he meets the château’s reclusive owner, Jean-Luc LeBlanc, the attraction is fierce and instant—but Jean-Luc is keeping secrets the skeptical Ethan could never have imagined.
Jean-Luc’s world collapsed with the death of his beloved Benoît. He no longer cares about producing his award-winning Champagne and even his closest family members can’t rouse him from his self-imposed solitude. The last thing he wants is a team of ghost hunters intruding on his privacy and discovering the truth of his nature. The realization that one of these brash Americans is destined to be his new mate seems like a sick joke. But soon Jean-Luc has bigger things to worry about than his distrust of humans. His home and family are under threat—can he do what it takes to save all he holds dear, and let Ethan into his heart in the process?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, mild BDSM and references to multiple partners.

Reviewed by: multitaskingmomma

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

I must admit, I just about turned my back on this series after the second book of this series and then Vintage Pride comes around. The series is redeemed. This was actually quite good, and had an amazing twist at the end.

We have this ghost or paranormal hunters for TV and their reality TV with a twist is very popular. They get assigned to this vineyard with a chateau in Champagne, France. Even if the story takes a dive, the experience of living in such a beautiful and delicious place is enough of a thrill. The crew, especially Ethan, never expected that their sense of paranormal for TV would take a turn for shape-shifting.

Jean Luc lost his bonded mate and is miserable and depressed for it. Who could blame him? Having one's mate taken by fate is too horrible for words. His sister and brother in law helps out but nothing could cure that aching heart. Until a TV host comes in and Jean Luc's senses are tickled.

Ethan is actually getting tired of the whole Spirit Seeker show even if he is the host. He and show are popular and their ratings are soaring. Theirs is a different reality series and people gobble them up. But he is missing something until he meets the mysterious and enigmatic owner of the Château LeBlanc wineries. 

The two men try to resist, especially Jean Luc, but fate intervenes. As they get to know each other, the thrill of finding the ghostly apparition and film it is increasing. Thing is, the results are not quite right if the techie is to explain it. There is something mysterious all right, but ghostly? Well, that remains to be seen.

A really fun and quick read, there were times it got a bit meh, but it quickly redeems itself when another mystery unfolds. 

Waiting for the fourth installment now.

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