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Author Name:  Lane Hayes

Book Name:  The Right Time
Series: Right & Wrong Stories
Book number: 3 (Can be read as a standalone)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson

Pages or Words: 225 pages, 80,000 words
Categories:  Contemporary, Erotica, Fiction, Gay fiction, Humor, M/M Romance, Romance
Release Date: June 26, 2015

Workaholic Nate Erickson is a successful real estate developer who thrives on long hours and stress. When a Los Angeles project prompts him to relocate to Santa Monica, he welcomes the change of scenery. Nate has always considered romantic entanglements trouble, but his sexy next-door neighbor isn’t easy to ignore. Which makes no sense, because Nate is straight… or so he’s always thought. 
Alex Reyes is a retired professional soccer player turned West Hollywood business owner with an insatiable lust for life. He loves his family, friends, and work. But there’s one life challenge left to accomplish: coming out publically. Respect for traditional Latino values has kept him in the closet, but Alex begins to think he and his new neighbor might help one another combat their fears. As Alex and Nate forge a strong friendship, they soon realize facing their personal demons will take more courage than either man bargained. The reward is immeasurable… if the timing is right.
Review by: multitaskingmomma
My Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

The Right Time is a logish book in both content and the way the plot moved. Nate and Alex each had to find just the right time to face their demons and do something about them. The way they reached their points of no return were individual challenges but they most times did it together. Either accidentally or by choice. 

Nate is a self-made man but made a lot of mistakes that affected his personal life. This made me wonder for someone supposedly so very astute at the business side of his company, he made a snafu most out of everything else. The results to those mistakes were secrets kept unrevealed throughout the length of the story. It has to take a bit of patience before the revelation is out.

Alex is a professional soccer player turned personal trainer businessman, also very successful. He retired at the peak of his career and the reason behind that decision is one that hounds him for the time he spent out of the sport. When he meets up with Nate and establishes a tentative relationship, he may have just found the right time to get all his angst out of the way to get to the point of HEA.

This is a pretty long story and as mentioned, takes some bit of patience on the part of the reader to get to the point of resolution. It is a sweet but somewhat erotic read and there are elements here that nearly cross over but never does to the world of domination. That in itself made it an interesting read. 

To be honest, I loved books one and two and this does leave a bit of a sigh by the end of the read. Overall, a good read and can be done separately from the rest of the series installments.


I hadn’t worked out with a professional in years, and it felt foreign to wait for someone else’s direction.
“Any issues with your shoulders or arms? Any injuries I should know about?” he asked, handing me the weights.
“No, I’m good.”
“Great. Start with your palms facing your thighs, lift them both over your chest, then lower the left. Good. And now the right.”
He stood over me diligently, making slight corrections when needed. My supine position gave me an interesting perspective. When I looked up, I noted how his strong brow offset his twinkling eyes. I swallowed uncomfortably and turned my head, only to find myself staring at his crotch. His dark shorts seemed to hint they were covering a generous package.
Holy fuck.
“You doing okay?”
“Uh yeah. Hey, weren’t you going to tell me about your Friday night?” I needed him to talk. I didn’t trust my thoughts anymore, and I was stuck in my current position crazily aware of a man in a way I hadn’t been in over fifteen fucking years. Diversion in any form was welcome.
Alex snorted. “I already told you. I went dancing, and oh yeah, I did get lucky.”
He added the last part with a hearty chuckle, no doubt catching my wide-eyed expression. I hadn’t expected that.
“You asked.”
“Right.” I did? The strong flash of jealousy took me by surprise, but I pressed on. “Did you go back to the beach to get those girls’ numbers last weekend?”
He looked confused for a second, but a slow cocky grin soon spread across his handsome features as he crouched so his face was close to mine.
“No, I told you they weren’t my type.”
I gulped and watched his eyes lower to my throat. He licked his top lip and reached out to adjust my wrist.
“Lift ’em both at the same time, Nate. That’s it. Push it. Harder.”
I sent up a quick prayer I wasn’t sporting a tent in my shorts. Alex’s voice, touch, and yeah, the unintentional innuendos were making me nuts. And horny. I felt terribly out of my element. I wasn’t sure what we were talking about anymore, but the potent silence made me more uncomfortable than speech. Keep talking, I thought.
“So a dance partner?”
“What? Oh. Yeah, I think so. I can’t remember. It was just one of those things, you know? Sit up. Let’s give your arms a break.”
“Just one of those things?”
“Yeah. One night. No numbers exchanged. No hassle, no fuss.”
I had no words. Literally.
Alex chuckled gleefully as he led the way to a leg machine. He gave instructions and stood back to observe me for a moment.
“It’s not necessarily my favorite kind of sex, but hey….” He shrugged his shoulders with his hands outstretched as if to say “what’s a guy to do?”
I recognized this cue. It was my opportunity to commiserate about the trials and tribulations of being a single man with a healthy sexual appetite. Now was my chance to admit it was nice every once in a while to have sex of the nonsolo variety with someone who knew the score. But I was tongue-tied and equally aware of a completely different undercurrent. One I wasn’t brave enough to explore.
“You can stop having fun at my expense any time.”
Alex squeezed my shoulder and smirked playfully. “You’re easily rattled.”
“How so?”
“You seem like someone who has a place for everything and likes everything in its place. You have a routine, and you don’t appreciate any deviation. I should be flattered you came to the gym with me at the spur of the moment.” He paused, running his tongue over his plump bottom lip. “If you’re not careful, I’m gonna think you like me.”
The air between us crackled. Alex leaned forward so his handsome face was mere inches from mine. His proximity alone seemed to issue a challenge. Daring me to confess I was more than I appeared to be. I doubt he expected any revelations, but his intent was certainly to… how had he put it, rattle me. And damn, it was working.

Family Interview with Nate and Alex from The Right Time by Lane Hayes

Hi there, this is Alex and my boyfriend, Nate.  We’re here to field a couple questions for Lane and the folks here at Sinfully Addicted.  Great name, by the way!  Allrighty… first question: 

1.    Describe your home, your neighborhood, and the town you grew up in.

“I’ll go first,” Alex says, clearing his throat. “I grew up in Redondo Beach, California in a pretty modest neighborhood by most standards. It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a decent sized backyard. The description makes it sound bigger than it actually was.  The rooms were tiny, but to my parents it was a big deal.  My mom and dad were both from Mexico originally and they came to the US with nothing.  Owning property, even a postage stamp-size house in a lower to middle class neighborhood was the equivalent to their ship coming in.  My dad worked scouting athletic talent and did pretty well.  When I was a teenager we moved closer to the beach.  I played a lot of soccer and even learned to surf.  Good thing too ‘cause it’s hard to get this guy out of the water.”  Alex pokes Nate in the ribs with a chuckle.

“True. I’m from Oxnard, California.  I grew up less than a mile from the Pacific Ocean in an upper-middle class home.  My dad was a pilot, believe it or not, and my mom stayed at home.  Our neighborhood was a typical all-American one with block parties and holiday parades. It was idyllic in a lot of ways.  I spent most of my time at the beach growing up.  My brother taught me to surf when I was twelve and I’ve never stopped.  Luckily I’ve always lived near the ocean.  Of course, nowadays it’s hard to find time between work and soccer practices but I manage,” Nate says with a grin.

2.    Was religion an important for you and your family?

“Oh yeah.  I am a Roman Catholic Latino. No question.”

“No choice,” Nate whispers.

 “True, but it’s how I grew up. My family is very religious. We went to church every Sunday.  My sister, Selena, and I both went to parochial schools through high school.  We received the sacraments… 1st Communion, Confirmation.  The whole nine yards.  Both my dad and my sister have small shrines in their homes with pictures and statues of Mary and Jesus. I probably would too, but—”

“Yeah right,” Nate snarks.  “You wouldn’t.  You may love the traditional side but you’re not that religious.”

“I suppose not.  Your turn. Was religion important to the Erickson family?”

“No.  We were lapsed Catholics. My folks dragged my brother, Ryan to church on Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve only.  I think they grew up more like Alex but they didn’t raise us in the Church so those traditions don’t mean as much to me as they to Alex.”

“Certain traditions are very important to me.  I wish we were able to get married in the church but since it’s not a reality yet, I’ll still want a more traditional ceremony.  And I’ll want our kids baptized.”

“Whoa,” Nate looks at Alex with comically wide eyes.

“What?  It’s going to happen.  Don’t pretend you’re surprised.” Alex rolls his eyes.

3.    Marriage and kids!  That’s fantastic. How many children do you want to have?

Alex snickers.  “Let’s let Nate answer this one.”

“Uh… two?”

“Is that a question or a statement?” Alex asks nonchalantly.

“I’m not sure.  How about you?”

“We’ll see when the time comes.  We’re not in any hurry.  My point was just that I’d like to keep the traditional elements.”

4.    What makes you stop and go “Wow!”?

 “Well, that did!” Nate laughs, dodging Alex’s elbow.  “Seriously, I think in the best possible way… Alex is my “wow”.  I’m more appreciative of the simple things in life than I have been since I was a kid.  I feel like a participant rather than an observer.  Alex doesn’t let anybody sit back and relax.  He’s all in, all the time.”

“I sound exhausting!”

“Sometimes.  But you’re worth it.”

“Thanks,” Alex says with a smile.  “You’re mine too.  And… fĂștbol fields, chocolate chip milkshakes, ice cream, sunsets and—”

We get the picture!  Thanks guys! J

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About the Author

Lane Hayes is finally doing what she loves best. Writing! An avid reader from an early age, Lane has always been drawn to romance novels. She truly believes there is nothing more inspiring than a well-told love story with beautifully written characters. Lane discovered the M/M genre a fews ago and was instantly hooked. Her debut novel, Better Than Good, was a 2013 Rainbow Awards finalist. She loves travel, chocolate, and wine (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband and their very old dog in an almost empty nest.

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