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Blog Tour, eARC Review, Excerpt, #Giveaway & More: The Klockwerk Kraken by Aidee Ladnier

Klockwerk Kraken

The KlockWerk Kraken cover (1)

When the right space pilot walks into his bar, a desperate bartender uses all his wiles (and tentacles) to talk the man into business and his bed--but the spacer is still enslaved by his past and isn't sure he can deal with a two-handed lover, much less one with six.
As the supply shipments stop coming, Teo Houdin needs all his tentacles to keep his waystation bar open. Facing a riot by thirsty miners stranded in the backwater of the galaxy, Teo helps a greenie space pilot buy a ship in return for a regular haul of liquor. But he longs for the courage to invite the enigmatic spacer to fill his lonely bed as well.
Still smarting from his newly implanted navigational ports, Jimenez knows owning his own ship will prevent him from ever being bought and sold again. For a former slave, transporting cargo through the emptiness of space sounds like paradise, but after meeting the compassionate and sexy Teo, his heart feels empty, too.
At the edge of the galaxy's spiral arm, can Teo convince Jimenez that the heart has its own tentacles and theirs should be entwined forever?

Review by: multitaskingmomma
My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
We have to be honest, seeing the word 'tentacles' makes me run. Usually, it is a mile or times ten, away. I and quite a few have been burned by that word, especially erotica works that involve, yes, tentacles. So why did I not run and instead took to interest The Klockwerk Kraken?

Well, I am a huge mythology geek, nerd, whatever you call it. Clockwork animals like those on The Clash of Titans where Bubba, the owl by Harryhausen, played a huge role and it fueled my imagination. Unfortunately, I was wrong to conclude this. There is nothing mythical about this story, and definitely, Bubba is not here. So what is?

Teo is a pod, a man genetically enhanced to have tentacles similar to an octopus, and owns a bar in a waystation. He needs constant supplies to cater to his clients but can find no one to trust. That is, until a shy man enters his bar.

Jimenez had been a slave but through some twist of fate, he is rescued and rehabilitated to function as a free man. No longer can he be forced to do others' bidding. No longer does he have to wear the slave collar. He is now free and seeking to buy a ship and contracts. Unexpectedly, the pod helps him out and rescues him from sure bankruptcy and eventual death. 

The relationship that develops between human and pod is not unexpected, this is a romance novel after all. Fortunately for this reader, there is none of the tentacle horror stories here. Yes, this is kind of erotic but frankly, it is the sweet kind. Yes, the tentacles are put into good use, but there is none of the angst and fright associated with it. Furthermore, this was a truly romantic and light read it was impossible to put down.

That tells a lot right now for the many disappointing reads we've had to endure. Aidee Ladnier not only made me smile and tear up to the situation Jimenez had been in, she also made me dream of the Klockwerk Kraken as described in the book. The beauty of such a piece of work is incredibly visual and that is really what made me sit up straight and finish this in one sitting. 

As for the action, anxiety and what nots expected? Yes they are are here, but the writer also made me dream of space ports and broken men who deserved not only a second chance, but a life of love in an alien world.


Jimenez opened the bar’s airlock and the urge to run out again washed over him like a splash of cold water. He commanded his frozen legs to shuffle forward and inside. This could turn ugly if he lost his concentration for even a moment. But he wouldn’t. He’d been practicing, becoming accustomed to groups larger than this for revs now.

He could be just like everyone else.

None of them would see the scars on his back or the brand of his tattoo that had marked him since puberty.

Men and women filled half the tables and booths, some laughing and drinking, a few puffing blue smoke. The gaming tables on the side were empty, while a lone player at the billiard table opposite pocketed ball after ball. The room rang with loud voices, clinking glasses, and raucous music.

Jimenez slid into an empty spot at the pale stone bar and caught sight of the clearest, happiest eyes he’d ever seen, a shade lighter than the man’s tousled brown mop above. A dimple quirked at the side of his full lips, mesmerizing Jimenez. The loud voices behind him slid away and for a moment, it was quiet in his mind. Jimenez flinched when his shoulder was jostled and the spell broke.

“Hey, you okay, buddy? First time? What can I pour for you?”

Jimenez blinked, realizing the tall bartender was speaking to him. The man’s smiling eyes crinkled at the corners of his bronzed face. Jimenez swallowed, and he ducked his chin, trying not to stare again, trying to hide his hot cheeks. He’d never been so close to such a handsome man.

“Did you want a drink?” The bartender quirked an eyebrow.

“Yeah… I mean yes. Whiskey neat.” His voice came out gruffer than he expected.

“Bourbon, Scotch, Rye…?”

“Surprise me.” It was a game Jimenez played. He’d order whiskey and discover what the bartender served. If he reached for the rail bottle closest to hand, it meant he would pour either the cheapest or the local favorite. If he pulled something from the top shelf, the bartender angled for a bigger tip. But if he grabbed a decanter off to the side or behind another bottle, he’d score the bartender’s personal pick.

“Coming right up.”

The bartender raised a tentacle in greeting, calling out to another patron.

Oh, God. The man was a Pod.

Of course he was.

In a joint named the Klockwerk Kraken, who better to tend the bar than a tentacled man?

Randomly Generated Tentacle Humor

By Aidee Ladnier

So, I’m publishing a science fiction novel about a tentacled bartender named Teo Houdin and it's set on a distant waystation on the edge of the galaxy's spiral arm...okay, I know, tentacles aren't for everyone. (But if they are, The Klockwerk Kraken is out now.)

And I’ve been pondering on what to write for my guest blog post. In a fit of writer’s block, I turned to technology, because there's always an app for that. In this case, I turned to a Random Blog Topic Generator. I put in some nouns and these were the topics the generator suggested I write about:

  1. 10 Signs You Should Invest In Tentacles

Hmmmm. A sign you should invest in tentacles...Free Hugs! Maybe as jar openers? I remember reading that you could train an octopus to open a jar.
  1. 5 Tools Everyone In The Octopus Industry Should Be Using
A tool everyone in the octopus industry should be using--a wet suit! Or maybe an aquarium. Most octopuses are pretty small. Now, if we’re talking squid that would be a little different. The colossal squid can get to be up to 60 feet. You might need a leash for that thing.
  1. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Tentacles
The ultimate cheat sheet on tentacles would have to contain sucker management for those hard to unstick suckers on the end. Or maybe have an accounting of how many suckers are on a tentacle?
  1. Think You're Cut Out For Being An Octopus? Take This Quiz
I think I'm definitely cut out to be an octopus! I bet I could ace that quiz. I mean, how hard could it be squeezing into impossible spaces, changing my chromatophores to mimic my environment and eating tasty fish all day?
  1. 15 Best Blogs To Follow About Tentacles
Blogs to follow about tentacles...I wonder if there are fifteen out there. Currently, mine could be included. I’m certainly writing about tentacles a lot lately.
  1. 10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Octopuses
Things my competitors can teach me about octopuses...competitors being—the zoo? Or maybe the aquarium? A high-end pet store?
  1. How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Squid
How to solve the biggest problem with squid would definitely involve how not to be used for bait in the Gulf Coast. We used to buy squid to fish with by the bucketful. And maybe how not to be eaten by sperm whales. Or humans--when they turn them into tasty, tasty calamari. Yum!
  1. What Will Octopus Be Like In 100 Years?
What will octopus be like in the next century...well, if you read my book, The Klockwerk Kraken, they might look a little like us. You should check that out! ;)

I hope you've gotten a kick out of my randomly generated titles. Can you think of any signs we should invest in tentacles or what the ultimate cheat sheet on tentacles might look like? LOL!

So why Tentacles?

By Aidee Ladnier
By now everyone is probably aware of my fondness for tentacled science fiction heroes. I even have one, a bartender named Teo whose extra appendages come in mighty handy on a busy Friday night. He debuted in my book The Klockwerk Kraken.

But when I mention my hero, I generally get one of three reactions:
  1. Ewwww!
  2. Cool.
  3. Why?
Let's address the first one. The Ewww! Factor probably arises from the visceral reaction to a creature so alien to oneself. After all, octopuses, squids, and cuttlefish have no bones; they live at the bottom of the ocean; and they have lots of arms--like spiders (another phobia-inducing critter).  On top of that, octopuses are really smart—way too smart for something with a squishy body. These animals are problem solvers. But a lot of people focus on the tentacles. They must be slimy since they're under water. They can reach out and grab you. They have suckers on them that attach to you and don't let go. But think about the hugs all those arms can give! There’s nothing Ewww! about hugs, right?
The second reaction I usually get is—Cool! I like that one. I’m partial to the coolness of tentacles myself. ;)  Really, when you think about it, wouldn’t a few extra arms come in handy when you’re say, carrying in groceries? Imagine being able to reach all those things on the top shelf that are just out of reach of your regular arms! Or being able to squeeze a tentacle into that pesky too small water bottle to wash it.
And then the last one, why? Well, for this story, it really comes down to a panel I attended at RainbowCon 2014. The panel was on the subject of taboo. And tentacles are at the forefront of taboo subjects due to the resurgence of Japanese anime and something called “tentacleporn”. Really, the Japanese have been interested in tentacles since the 1800s when a book of erotic art included the image named “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife.”  It is precisely because of the alieness of the Eww! factor that many people are intrigued by tentacles in a sexual manner. The panelists encouraged writers to step outside their normal prose and write something a little different, a little out of the ordinary. So I chose tentacles. I don’t think they are necessarily the sexiest thing about my hero, but even he admits that intimacy with him is adventure--it’s sex outside the normal two arms and two legs.
So my challenge to you is to step outside your comfort zone as well. Try reading my story The Klockwerk Kraken and see if you might be intrigued by a few tentacles.

Finding the Perfect Cocktail –
Teo Houdin Talks About His Cherry Blossom

By Aidee Ladnier

Aidee: I’m so excited today to speak with Teo Houdin, the owner of the Klockwerk Kraken bar on Switchpoint Waystation.
Teo: I’m happy to be here. *flashes his swoon-worthy grin*
Aidee: *blushes* Teo, you were a bartender long before you owned your own bar, right?
Teo: That’s right, Aidee. I bummed around the galaxy for at least a dozen revs before I settled down on Switchpoint. I picked up bartending because there’s rarely a place with lots of people that doesn’t have one bar.
Aidee: Moving around a lot is atypical of people from your planet, Celos, correct? So what made you different?
Teo: *waving his tentacles* It’s true. There aren’t that many people from Celos willing to leave planet-side. I guess I just wanted to see what’s out there.
Aidee: And what did you find?
Teo: *chuckles* A lot of people with only two arms.
Aidee: So having six arms comes in handy when mixing drinks?
Teo: Let’s just say I have an advantage when it comes to whipping up complicated cocktails on a busy Friday night.
Aidee: Speaking of-- *takes a sip of a delightful dark pink cocktail* --this is delicious. It’s an Old Earth recipe, correct?
Teo: Yes. I cribbed the basics from an old bartending text when I was preparing for the DVanta Mixology competition. And then I added a few of my own ingredients.
Aidee: So tell me how it’s made. *leans forward in her chair*
Teo: I’ll do one better, I’ll show you. *jumps up from his chair and crosses to the interview room counter where a variety of supplies are laid out.*
  • First you want to get some cherries. Not maraschino cherries – you want fresh cherries or if you can’t get fresh, then 3D prints some.  *holds up silver shaker*
  • Toss about a dozen down in the bottom of your shaker and then crush them with something flat, like the bottom of a wooden spoon. *arms bulge nicely under his short sleeved shirt as he crushes the cherries into the bottom of the shaker* What you want is the cherry juice.  I guess if you can’t find cherries, some unsweetened cherry juice would also work.
  • Now add your Cherry Vodka. Get the good stuff.
  • And add your sweet Nigori Sake. Make sure you shake the sake before you pour it. Your sake should be cloudy, not clear.
  • Add the peach nectar. This is the main sweet ingredient. If you want a sweeter drink add a little more, but I wouldn’t advise it. The peach can overpower the cherry if you’re not careful.
  • Add the unsweetened cranberry juice. You really don’t want to accidentally use sweetened cranberry juice here. That will make the drink way, way, too sweet. This is the ingredient that calms down the sweetness, adds to the complexity, and gives the drink its dark pink color.
  • The last thing to go in your shaker should be the crushed ice.
  • Now shake it like you mean it. *Shakes the shaker and does a little dance, tossing it from one arm to another, tentacle to tentacle.*
  • Once you’re done shaking, strain it into a cocktail glass, add a little unsweetened sparkling orange essence water—again, it’s important that you use unsweetened water. Even artificially sweetened water can throw off the taste.
  • And garnish with more cherries or the prettiest cherry blossom you can find.
Aidee: I’ll just take this extra one off your hands. *grabs second cocktail* Thank you again, Teo for stopping by and making these delicious treats. And check out more of his adventures in The Klockwerk Kraken.


Aidee is holding a Coloring Contest!!  Visit the link and download one of her coloring sheets and upload it once you have finished coloring for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card plus a signed LIMITED EDITION of the Klockwerk Kraken.  So get some crayons and grab the kids because the more you enter the more chances you have to win.

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Aidee is giving away a prize pack filled wth gift cards and lots of Kraken style goodies!

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AideeNOH8Aidee Ladnier began writing fiction at twelve years old but took a hiatus to be a magician’s assistant, ride in hot air balloons, produce independent movies, collect interesting shoes, and amass a secret file with the CIA. A lover of genre fiction, it has been a lifelong dream of Aidee's to write both romance and erotica with a little science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, or the paranormal thrown in to add a zing.

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