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Blog Tour, eARC Review, Excerpt & #Giveaway: Shadows Fall by J.K. Hogan

Author Name: J.K.  Hogan
Book Name: Shadows Fall
Release Date: June 10, 2015
Pages or Words: 102,000 words
Categories:  Contemporary, Crime Fiction, Fiction, Gay Fiction, Romance, Thriller
Cover Artist: J.K. Hogan

Publisher: Wilde City Press
A gift—or curse—gives Titus McGinty the unwanted ability to talk to ghosts. When he starts seeing the same few apparitions repeatedly, appearing with similar gruesome injuries, he begins to wonder what they want from him.
Detective Charlie Hale has a serial killer on his hands. On the loose for weeks, the Queen City Slayer has left the police nothing to go on, no forensic evidence other than what he wants found. The city is running out of time.
The crisis brings Titus and Charlie together—Titus stumbles upon a body and finds himself a suspect. Their budding romance is tested as they are sucked into a web of underground laboratories, restive spirits, and religious fanaticism. They’ll have to work together to find the identity of the killer before he takes his next victim…Titus.

Review by: multitaskingmomma
My Rating: (5 of 5 Stars) 5
(The Multiplier Rating Takes Effect)

It seems like a lifetime since I got so engrossed in a story. It's been a while since I got to enjoy a story to the extent I caved and gave this the multiplier rating. This is better than good. This was fan-freaking-tasy-tastic!

I love supernatural stories especially when written well. I love mysteries when done to the extent where it keeps me guessing until the last page. This is a combination of both. A supernatural mystery thriller that deals with a serial killing of women and girls in the most gruesome manner and the hunt for the elusive killer.

Titus is a coffee shop proprietor whose barristas and staff keep him entertained enough to drop his iPod. He needs the distraction the music using it to block off the sometimes annoying and bothersome ghosts who pop in and out of his vision. Seeing the dead walk through a veil may sound thrilling and exciting for moviegoers but living it is not.

Charlie goes to buy coffee from the Uptown Java and is fast becoming a regular. The spark of attraction is there but Titus felt it one sided. Charlie does feel it but does not show it. He is so deep into the closet as his job as a Detective may get affected should his sexual affiliation be discovered. How he can resist Titus is a tale all by itself. How he and Titus find themselves in the middle of a mystery and romance is irresistible to us readers. As for the elusive killer, this one is a great cross between Dexter and Nameless (a favorite serial killer of mine from another book).

For those who think the blurb may spell a deep mysterious read with no sign of romance in it, think again. This has all the elements right in their respective places. The character and plot developments were quite fast paced and complicated without sounding too technical. As for Titus himself, he remains a mystery to me but it only makes me love him even more.

One of the best reads I've had for this year, Shadows Fall by JK Hogan is a must read. Be ready. Be vigilant. You won't know what comes next until the very end.


I always hated walking home alone at night on the deserted city streets. But I couldn’t ask my employees to do something I was scared to do myself, so I’d taken the late shift. In the dark, the wandering dead became nothing but sliding shadows and hissing whispers. The phrase 'jumping at shadows' is apt, because there were things in the shadows.
Those things slithered around me, feeling much more insidious in the murky stillness of the nighttime city. Hands in my pockets, I gripped my four inch pocket knife that I always carried. Fat lot of good it would do me against mule, but there was a killer on the loose after all.
It was ill-advised, but I still blasted my music inside my headphones. I didn't want to hear what the spirits had to say in gloam. I mostly kept my eyes glued to the sidewalk in front of me—don't stand out, don't make eye contact, make yourself invisible—but I cast glances all around my periphery to keep aware of my surroundings.
A tall, skinny man approached, heading toward me on the opposite side of the sidewalk. He wore dark jeans and a black hoodie with the hood pulled up, casting his face in shadow. I found that odd, as it was one of those warm, humid nights the Southern springtime was famous for. His dark eyes glittered at me from the empty void where his face should be, obviously a trick of the poor lighting.
As he passed me, he clipped my shoulder, throwing me off balance. I wanted to turn around and yell, but self-preservation intervened. I could probably take him in hand-to-hand, but he could be packing for all I knew. I put my head down and kept walking.
I yelped when a spirit appeared in front of me—unlike what movies and television showed, they didn’t usually just pop up. He was a young man, probably about my age, with pale skin, black hair, and eyes so blue they seemed otherworldly… and he was gorgeous. I blinked, hoping he’d disappear. No such luck.
He turned his head towards the building beside us that was being renovated, the entrance to which was blocked off with caution tape. Stretching out his left arm, he pointed to it, and I could see bone-deep gouges in his wrist and forearm. He glanced at me again. Look.
“Not tonight, okay?” I mumbled, trying to step around him. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared and rematerialized right in front of me. See!
“No,” I said, getting angry. I walked straight through him. Usually when I passed through a spirit, I just felt a slick, oily cold sliding through my body—but this burned like a vat of acid had been dumped over me. I screamed and fell to my knees.
He appeared in front of me again. As I looked up at him, still reeling from the pain, it occurred to me how new he must be. When a mulo first left its body, it still maintained some measure of its humanity. It was able to take and maintain a corporeal form more easily than the older spirits, and the ability faded with each day since its passing.
He pointed again and this time, his eyes took on a pleading quality. I could practically feel his anguish.
Struggling to my feet, I brushed myself off and sighed. “Fine, I’ll look. But then you need to leave me the hell alone. I ducked under the caution tape strung across the doorless entry of the run-down building. It was almost pitch black inside, but I got a vague sense of sawhorses and scaffolds. Tip-toeing for some inconceivable reason, I made my way into some kind of vestibule or foyer. I didn’t notice anything that this mulo would be so desperate for me to see, but I couldn’t really see much at all.
My foot hit something solid and I was afraid to go any further into the dark. Who knew what kind of hazards were strewn about the construction site. I dug out my iPhone and swiped it to turn on the flashlight app. A bright light shone out of the camera flash and illuminated the dusty room in front of me—and the man lying all too still on the floor.
I screamed for the second time in five minutes, stumbled back against a plastic-draped scaffolding and dropped my phone. I assumed it landed screen up, because the room was suddenly plunged back into darkness. With my skin crawling, I felt around on the floor for the hard case. Instead, I grabbed a cold leg.
“Holy God!” I shouted, scrambling backwards and sideways until my back hit a wall. My pulse pounded and my head was spinning with the urge to pass the fuck out, either from fright or hyperventilation. My muscles were on lockdown, frozen into that gray area between fight-or-flight, but I knew I had to find my phone so I could get the hell out of there.
And the body… I’d have to call someone. I poked around with the toe of my shoe, carefully avoiding the area of blackness where I thought the body was. Finally I felt the phone. I dragged it across the floor with my foot until I was able to pick it up. Everything was illuminated once again. “Oh thank God,” I said.
But once there was light, I could see him again. His head was turned to face away from me, but I knew that it was the guy from outside. Obviously he’d wanted me to find his body. It was laid out like a sacrifice, arms stretched out to reveal the deep cuts on his arms. I shivered. My brain was finally catching up to the situation, and I realized it was entirely possible that the killer could still be here.
I quickly got to my feet and lurched toward the dim light pooling at the doorway. As soon as I was out of there, I pressed my back up against the cool fa├žade of the building and panted to catch my breath. I see the dead all the time, but I’d never actually seen a dead body before. I wasn’t sure what to do; the only thing I could think was call Charlie.
With shaking hands, I pulled up his number on my phone—I may have entered it from the business card he gave me after chasing Jay out of the shop. I pressed send and he picked up on the first ring.
“Who’s this?”
“Titus.” My voice was shaking and I was embarrassingly close to tears. “I need help.”
“Tell me where you are and I’ll be right there.”
I rattled off my general location, already soothed by the sound of his voice, the confidence in it. “Please hurry,” I said.
“Stay put, I’m on my way.”

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing J.K. Hogan, author of Shadows Fall.
Hi J.K., thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

Hey, there! IRL I’m a pretty normal gal, wife and mother and fur-mommy. I stay at home with my son and alternate between writing and graphic design.
I started out writing m/f paranormal romance—I have a series of three books if anyone is so inclined—but I started writing exclusively m/m in the last couple of years. I just have more fun doing it.
My new release, Shadows Fall, is one I’m super excited about. It’s my first true thriller and I’m in love with the subgenre. This book has so many different elements, it was almost impossible to categorize—crime drama, police procedural, a paranormal element, a tiny bit of sci-fi, and of course, romance. I’m always my biggest critic, but I think it will keep you on the edge of your seats!

Q: How do you develop your plots and characters?

Very organically. I’ll start with a flash of a face or a name, or a scenario, and I just keep rolling it around in my head until it starts to become something. I’ve tried outlines and character profiles and all that, but I’m never able to stick to it.

Q: Who doesn’t love a good hero? Tell us about your protagonist. Was there a real life inspiration behind them?

In a way, Titus and Charlie are both protagonists, but Titus is a little bit more in the center of the story so I’ll talk about him. He’s definitely a flawed hero, thrown out by his family for “cultural differences,” coming to the city with nothing. He took what little he could scrape together and made a life of it, even though he had to deal with interferences from both the living and the dead. He’s just a regular guy trying to get by, and I think that’s what makes him relatable. He was definitely all in my head, no real-life inspiration this time.

Q: What real-life inspirations do you use when world building?

In the case of Shadows Fall, I didn’t want the paranormal element to take over. I wanted it to be almost believable that it could happen in real life…and if you believe in ghosts, then it could. I digress. I wanted to stay really true to life in the world-building to support the realism of the rest of the story. I trekked through the city with my son, exploring landmarks, plotting routes between murder sites, the characters’ homes and jobs, scoping out theoretical locations for my fictional places, like Titus’s coffee shop. It was pretty fun, like being an explorer!

Q: Did you learn anything from this book and what was it?

I learned that I am capable of doing a mystery. Up until now, I’d thought that I didn’t have the patience or the analytical mind to pull it off, but somehow I made it work!

QIt’s your last meal on earth. What do you choose?

Oh man, how do you choose that? I guess some of the best, most expensive coffee and then some of the best, most expensive sushi. Ask me tomorrow and it’ll be different. ☺

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About the Author

J.K. Hogan has been telling stories for as long as she can remember, beginning with writing cast lists and storylines for her toys growing up. When she finally decided to put pen to paper, magic happened. She is greatly inspired by all kinds of music and often creates a “soundtrack” for her stories as she writes them. J.K. is hoping to one day have a little something for everyone, so she’s branched out from m/f paranormal romance and added m/m contemporary romance. Who knows what’s next?
J.K. resides in North Carolina, where she was born and raised. A true southern girl at heart, she lives in the country with her husband and young son, a cat, and two champion agility dogs. If she isn’t on the agility field, J.K. can often be found chasing waterfalls in the mountains with her husband, or down in front at a blues concert. In addition to writing, she enjoys training and competing in dog sports, spending time with her large southern family, camping, boating and, of course, reading! For more information, please

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