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Blog Tour, Excerpt, & #Giveaway: Blind Redemption by Denise Dearth & Amy Gillen

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Blind Redemption Cover
Title: Blind Redemption
Authors: Denise Dearth and Amy Gillen
Length: Novel
Genre: Mystery, Detective, Paranormal Mystery, Lesbian, F/F, LGBT
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing
A woman is missing, paths are misleading. Can Psychic Detective Jackie Vaughn see through the veil of lies to find her?
Kidnapped and sold into the Chinese slave trade the survival of Annette Freder, the wife of University Chancellor, Charles Freder, depends on struggling psychic detective, Jackie Vaughn.Crippled by grief over the unexpected death of her wife, Jackie deals with her anguish through pills and booze. While these coping mechanisms numb her pain, the growing addiction hampers her abilities, and places her health and livelihood in jeopardy.  The missing person’s case of Annette Freder shifts Jackie’s focus, challenging her psychic abilities.While on the job in China, Jackie finds herself with limited access to medication, resulting in bouts of withdrawal and depression. But that is just one of the many hurdles hindering Jackie in her quest to find Annette and return her to safety. Will corrupt police, maxed out credit cards, an ousted Greek intelligence officer assassin, and a revelation from an unexpected source prove too much for her?Entangled deceit and unravelling lies Blind Redemption captures the essence of the human spirit and the power of redemption.

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A scrawny Asian man with bushy eyebrows and straight tousled black hair stepped in front of her, a small handgun concealed inside a black leather jacket, and he waved toward the door. Desperate to make eye contact with someone in the lobby, Jackie moved slowly. Ignored, she stepped outside and walked to the curb. A dark compact car covered with splotches of dried mud awaited. With a jab to the side, Jackie opened the back passenger door.

 “Who are you and what is it you want?” Jackie asked. 

The driver’s dark brown eyes shifted to look in the rear view mirror. He tugged at the bill of a blue baseball cap, pulling the hat down as far is it would go. The vehicle accelerated and swerved into traffic. Jackie studied the man next to her. He sat quietly, holding the gun steadily at her mid-section. She controlled her breath, slowing it down, calming her mind, closing her eyes, and tuning out the traffic. Annette’s face flashed in her consciousness, along with two hidden faces exchanging money. She focused on those blurry faces. A Caucasian man she didn’t know had something to do with Annette and this situation. She sensed a street stoplight approaching, and intuition demanded she stay alert and on the lookout for a speeding white coupe.

They drove in silence for several blocks. The car turned left onto a congested street. Bright lights and neon signs identified various establishments. Men of all ages composed the majority of patrons, who entered and exited small shops along the strip. Sidewalks laden with litter led to a lightless alley.

As the car slowed for a traffic light, Jackie smacked her captor’s gun hand to the side. Yelling, he lost his grip on the weapon. She opened the car door and jumped, falling to the curb. A white car sped through the changing stop light. Jackie hopped up and ran, evading squealing tires and blaring car horns. 

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About the Authors

DENISE DEARTH is a novelist and songwriter.  Blind Redemption is the first novel in the compelling Jackie Vaughn detective series. She is a member of Broadcast Music Incorporated, a music performing right organization, and the National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981. When’s she’s not writing she may be seen riding a two-toned, sky blue and white Victory Vegas Steel horse into the Midwestern sunset.
AMY GILLEN is a co-creator of the Jackie Vaughn detective series.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Indiana University.  She is a poet, photographer, and entrepreneur with a passion for kayaking and travel.

Denise Dearth and Amy Gillen can be found at:


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