Sunday, November 15, 2015

Facebook Crack Down: How To Promote Your Book Without Getting Blocked or Deleted

Too many authors have found themselves in Facebook jail for one reason or another. For some, it is posting an image that triggers the sensitive to Report. For others it is a troll doing the reporting for some fandangled reason. 

One of the major concerns of authors is getting into jail and worse, getting their pages deleted, because they posted a cover of their book. Up in arms, people cry out: UNFAIR! Down with FB! 

Unfortunately, FB has a point and we do sign their never-read TOS when we first sign up. Admit it: Did you bother to read? 

Take a look at this:

There you go! Have you read #4?

Posting your book, with your name on it, the same name as the one on your profile page, is a No No.

An author asked: Are we heading for the 'Author Page' only scenario in the future? Because that has its limits. *scratches head in frustration* — SMN (sorry, I am quoting her, she knows who she is, but I am keeping her name out of this. There. Remember: this is my blog.)
The minute she posted this on Facebook, I immediately went to research. The TOS is the first thing I saw and captured. 

FB is quick to the kill. They narrow in on complaints or simple annoyance from Friends (pseudo and real). Result —kicked in the butt.

Supposedly, again according to the TOS, your FB page is only for you, your family and friends. It is not supposed to be a business page, unless you create a business page. So how can we use our profile pages to promote our books? 

Here are some "simple" steps... NOT! but there is a way.


Go to your SETTINGS. On the left column, click: FOLLOWERS. Choose: EVERYBODY which is right next to the WHO CAN FOLLOW ME. Still confused? Look then:

But wait!

Before you post anything, look to your PRIVACY SETTINGS. Make sure to filter your updates. Choose to make it visible to your Friends, Family, Acquaintances, etc. Only AFTER you click on that filter can you post whatever you want to post.

Yes, it's tedious, but do you want to get kicked off? Note: Please ignore my elementary attempt to use the Brush tool.

Good News: You don't have to accept anyone as a FRIEND for them to follow you. This will make it easier for you to build up your audience. 

Note again: See the More Options thingy? Use it. Create a list. If you need assistance to create the list, get one. This is important. Once you create your, say, FANGirls/Boys, then by customizing your post, they can see whatever you are promoting (your book) without annoying those family and friends who are too sensitive.


Post about anything and everything, without saying anything and everything.

Simply put, SHARE a happy moment. But don't SHARE the link. 
Once the link from Amazon or other vending sites are seen by the FB bots, you're going down!

Remember: you cannot have a press release on your own profile page. Others can for you, just not you by you. Gets?

LIKE people who are spreading your happy news. Leave a COMMENT.

SHARE! the thread they posted.

TAG! those who posted your link.


Go to a closed group, look for your fans/followers/friends posts. If it's your book, thank them then SHARE! It will be posted on your Timeline but technically, you are not the one posting. Your friend did.

Yes, 2 simple steps. That's all it takes. 

Remember: take time to FILTER!!!!!

Good luck!

P.S. If I missed anything, do feel free to leave a comment or suggestion. This was done at the spur of the moment. Be nice. Loves yas!


  1. They keyword there is primarily :) So if you do it once in a while it's okay, unless you get reported... I agree, sharing from pages, other people, groups promoting your stuff is always safer. Plus, if they are searching for amazon and other buy links, you can always set up a page on your site/blog with your book and send people there (where they can find the links).

    1. Another way is to shorten the links per post. it's tedious, but it makes each post original.

  2. I tried to boost my promote and they kept refusing it because they photos were not agreeable to them....But the thing is they were not explicit. :( I think they have staff who are anti GLBT

    1. Hi Lily!

      Okay, I went through the TOS (sigh again) and here is a link you should look into:
      This is where you can appeal theFBs decision on your ad by contacting through there.

      Here are other links you may want to check out because the fine print is fine fine fine and anyone of those fits a teenyweenyitsybit of your ad and it can be rejected.

      Language Policy Guidelines:

      Ad Policies:

      Help Ccenter:

      Double check your image through their grid checker here:

      Hope this helps!