Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review Request: Silverfall by Raven de Hart

Length:Novel Genre:LGBTTQ, Fantasy & Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Shapeshifters 

Cover Artist:Fiona Jayde

Loose Id

Anthony Gates has been alone since he broke up with his boyfriend two years ago, and his best friend convinces him to go out on a blind date. But that turns sour, leaving Anthony to walk the streets rather than head home and face his friend. That's when he sees the unthinkable: a unicorn killing a man. Fantasy collides with Anthony's reality, and he can't seem to escape the currents pulling him deeper.
Leon Phillips is the strongest of those currents. When he and Anthony meet at the club, they have immediate chemistry, and can hardly keep their hands off each other. But Leon's hiding a secret. He's the unicorn Anthony saw that night, charged with guarding the local population from hunters. As their romance blooms, the secrets leak out until, finally, the unicorn hunters capture Anthony as bait. To keep Anthony safe, as well as the rest of the unicorns, Leon allows himself to be captured instead.
Now perfectly normal Anthony will have to save Leon from his hideous paranormal fate--because that unicorn is his soulmate.
Review by: multitaskingmomma

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Silverfall is a unicorn story. I can honestly say, I have not read much about unicorns as they have a tendency to be difficult to write about. In this story, the unicorns are shape-shifters and hunted. You say: oh no, not another one! Well, yes, another one, but mind you, this has some twists to it. So the sexy man becomes a unicorn and falls for a human. The hunters come to hunt them down and eventually killing is involved. So where's the twist?

The twist is the why behind the hunting. Although it reads the usual, the reason behind is different. There is something magical about a unicorn and that is the point of why they are hunted. The hunters, now they are different as well. They are not the run of the mill types with guns and ammo. 

Anthony finds himself in the middle of a life he never thought possible. Who knew he would fall for a unicorn? Who knew his ex would be a hunter? Past and present collide but not the way you expect.

This is a very light read with a twist here and there to add a bit of angst into a story. It is fairy-tale like but not quite. Overall, quite the unexpected fun read. 

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