Saturday, November 21, 2015

To Post Or Not To Post: Tips and More Tips To Avoid Going To Facebook Jail

This is a follow up post for our constant quest to finding paradise in Facebook. 

Tip 1: Use The Option To Schedule Posts
Personal/Profile Page Option: NONE ::: no schedule allowed. This means, you cannot space your posts by schedule. Manual Labor folks. So make sure to wait it out and post at least 5 minutes apart.

Page Option: See the Publish with the arrow pointing down? You know to click on it would produce the stuff below...
Page Option: And here you go! You got a Schedule option. Use it. At least 5 minutes apart.

This is going to open up to a pop-up window. Use it.

Note: the difference between a Page and a Profile Page is the Business TOS you signed up to. You agreed to it, so you are stuck with it. You cannot use your Profile Page as a business thingy like posting amazon links. With your name on it. 

Tip 2: Postcron

This app gives you the option to publish to multiple Facebook accounts and set up time intervals of 5 minutes minimum between each post. This helps avoiding the blocking and jailing. 

Tip 3: Original Posts. Always.

This we are well aware of and should do, but we don't. It's a tedious process and I absolutely hate it. BUT!!! if it gives us a pass from jailtime, it's important to use it. Original Text and Images are key. Admins and owners of pages and profile pages get blocked because of this one stupid thing.

Tip 3A: Use Shortened Links.
Shorten the links per post. Again, yes, this will make it original. Shortened links like those on Twitter is what I mean. Per Post, shorten the links differently each time. To help you out, use the following sites: | |
Tip 3B: Remove Link
If shortening the link works using the above sites, do it. If you don't want to shorten the links, make sure to remove the link once the thumbnail or preview are uploaded and viewable. Why? Well, two reasons:
  1. It does not get duplicated or gets considered as a duplicate by the bost; and,
  2. The post looks prettier. 
Note: URL shortening service does not work. Neither is it available to the public. Please take note NOTE!

Tip 4: Rely on Followers 

I know. I know. I know where you're coming from and going to. How can we interact if we only rely on followers? Fans and Friends are better, right?


Friends are Friends and then there are the FRIENDS! 
Be wary of friend requests. You know the drill. 
Relatives can be trolls too you know!

Tip 5: Tagging Woes

Before, they said Tag. Well, now they say, Careful whom you tag on posts. Especially when promoting your stuff. Mention the friend, follower, or fan in the Comments — not the post itself.

Note: Some sensitive individuals may not want to be tagged in a photo that they have nothing to do with or wish to be associated with. 

Tip 6: The Lengthy Process of Understanding How Facebook TOS Works (Against and For You)

1. Please, please, please! Do not use your Personal Account Name for your Business Name and vice versa. Biography names as Business are immediately targeted by the admin and bots. Avoid them like the plague.

2. Do you have more than one personal FB account? If so: guaranteed jail when caught. Use One Profile Name and then create the Pages. Make sure to go back to #1 for how to name it.


3. If Everything Else Fails: READ THE FACEBOOK Terms of Service! Even the finest printed text. It's all there!

Tip 7: Stop the Spam!

  1. Be careful when making Friend requests to authors. You are not connected to them. If they reject you, they are asked why. When they answer negative, you are considered a Spam fan. You get blocked.
  2. Be careful when you Like pages. You can do this only as an individual Personal Account page. Never as the Page! If you Like pages of others in your PAGE PERSONA? You are a Spam and can only be considered meat loaf.
  3. Be careful when you PM people as your Page Persona. Some don't like it and will report you. Remember: many FB users are sensitive. (not case sensitive but sensitive SENSITIVE!)

Tip 8: Trolls

You know what to do with these.

Tip 9: Space Your Activities

This one I appreciate as too much activity by one individual multiplied by millions of individuals can crash any server. FB protects itself by making sure you do not act like a Spam. Yes, we are back to that delicous canned product. 

Like, Comment, Emojis, etc. Space your activities!  If uncertain, wait a few minutes before doing something or just clear out after you do stuff. If you don't you get a time out. 

Note: Do you play games like Criminal Case? When you click click click click in an effort to find the object, you are Timed Out. Same with FB.

... which brings us to...

Tip 10: Space Your Posting.

Do I need to explain this?

Tip 11: Warn

Warn your potential Followers and Friends by making sure your Information is updated. 

I know, I know. They don't pay attention but cover your tracks is what I'm saying. Just in case.

Wait?! Do you Know what Information is?

Tip 12: Call To Action

I think this is self explanatory. But please, only your Business Page, not the personal one. Please!

Tip 13: Image Copyright

Again, this is self-explanatory. When posting images, make sure to give kudos to the artist, photographer, etc. 

Tip 14: (Not really a tip but I have 13 and I don't like it so...) Get Familiar with these Facebook Links for more information:

About Facebook's Security & Warnings Systems  

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