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Review: Out for the Holidays by Susan Mac Nicol

Out for the Holidays
Published December 4th 2014 by Boroughs Publishing Group

Being in love is tough enough at eighteen, but being in love and outed to your dad is a disaster that will take more than a little holiday magic to fix.

Review by: multitaskingmomma
My Rating: 4 of 4 Stars
(Based on Short&Light Read Category)

What Susan Mac Nicol read is not a pleasure? With Out for the Holidays, she raises the bar for angst-filled romances that get ironed out just in time for the holidays. 

We have two young men who truly love each other. The only problem is, one is out and proud, the other is gay. Frustration from keeping the truth slipping out unleashes itself one bright day and the beans are spilled. In public. In front of dad and friends. The relationship turns rocky and it looks like Christmas is not going to be merry this year.

Sam shoves the proverbial foot right into his mouth and chokes. Lucas is not wanting to talk to him and it's breaking both young men's hearts. An unexpected help is extended to help Sam out of his predicament and the magic of Christmas seems to be in the horizon once more.

This is a short little read filled with the stupidity of two young men who have the feels and not much logic. The unexpected help is from someone more logical and magical. In the spirit of Christmas, this short little read makes one realize, it's best not to speak without first thinking about what to say. Espeically when the feels are overwhelming.

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