Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cover & Book Trailer Reveal: Scarred (The Maxil Mob #1) by Mahlee Ashwynne

New from Prize Winning Author Mahlee Ashwynne

In a galaxy at war can they reconcile their pain to overcome damaged lives to survive, heal and love?

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Expected date of publication: 26th January 2016

Two torn souls in a galaxy at war.
An oversight while on a mission sees Virim warrior Talana dar Mivfoj in dire biological need. Breed or die. Her salvation lies in the wreck of an enslaved Terran prostitute, Kerrik Maxil. His salvation lies in the Virim keeping her promise to quickly end his painful, drug-addicted life heading for inevitable death.
A year later she is captured and to be turned over to the enemy Klirtz by her Terran captors. She takes the option of daring and danger for the sake of her daughter to help save another afflicted by the need to breed. Abandoning any hope the father of her child would remember Talana since his cure or overcome his inherent hatred of her species, she underestimates his anger and love when Kerrik pursues her to the world that now offered salvation to his sister. Talana and Kerrik need to face the truths of their pasts to build a future together.

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After Moon Delight (The Maxil Mob #1.5)


Is food a true aphrodisiac? In the future what is served at a space cafe could save the dullness of an elderly couples twilight years.Watching the reactions of a Virim warrior and her exceedingly handsome husband they decide it's worth a go.

HI THERE......I'm Mahlee Ashwynne and welcome to my imagination

The lovely lady in the pic is NOT me though we share a common name. She was a cabaret performer and actress in Germany in the 1930s. To me she epitomises beauty and style that is eternal.

Many authors have their personal blurb written in the third person. I prefer to speak directly to you.
What can I say? Writing has been an integral part of my life. I can recall writing stories when I was 8 years of age. It was my escape. I was also an avid reader. By the age of 9 I had read all the library books designated for the grade 4 and grade 5 students.  Strange considering English was not my first language (we spoke Russian at home) and I was a first generation Australian kid on both sides of the family. My grandparents escaped the Stalinist Soviet regime after WW2 while my father came from a distinguished French aristocratic family that had escaped the French Revolution and settled in the Indian Ocean Islands. As to my geneology it is only now I have come to realise how unique I am in this world because of it.
I survived a mother who was afflicted with NPD (a type of megalomania), raised by my maternal grandparents who strongly believed in the education of a mind no matter the sex of the body at a time when higher education for women was still not popular. Over the years I have achieved many qualifications including teaching (opted out of that career), journalism, film making, interpreter (Russian), and currently law. One thing university teaches you is how to locate information (pre computer days this was a great thing) and sift out the important facts.
I never lost my love of writing and wrote shorts that won me prizes in national competitions. I was a top student in English at school but never touched history as a subject. I did not and do not like politics. However once I had access to social history I fell in love with the medieval era. There is so much fiction that can be interwoven between the facts and real people of history! The futuristic aspect of what might be in science fiction drew me like a magnet. I pre empted the popularity of supernatural fiction too with my love for that genre. What I write now reflects my interests in these areas.
The one bonus of technology is that today I can trawl the internet and find the faces to inspire my descriptions of my characters that I manipulate to be believable. I have read widely including most of the classics (oh English compulsory reading has a lot to answer for). With the rise of epub self publilshed authors I am always on the lookout for well written stories to relax with (but a harsh critic if I come across an historical error!). Enjoy reading for that is where your heart is.
Did I forget to mention I love cats but have discovered reptiles make intriguing pets.

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