Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Fell :(

Well, this is different. At least for me it is. This is not a promotion. This is not a review. This is an announcement of sorts. There are going to be some changes on the blog beginning today because of some unforeseen circumstances. 

I fell.

Yup! I did fall not on my ass but on my bad hip. I have vertigo and have been taking meds and changed my diet for it but, I don't know, something must have triggered it and said Mr. Vertigo came back with vengeance in its heart and larceny on its mind. Mr. V came and packed a wallop of a dizzy spell and I fell. In the bathroom. 

I didn't get much damage, being so vertically challenged (SHORT!) I am too near the floor and the gravity didn't have much to pull on so am safe and sound save for a really painful hip. The dizzy spells come and go as they please so am typing this out now in bed.

Someone told me today, when shit happens and you find yourself in bed, you begin to question life and then begin to sort life's priorities. My initial reaction was to tell myself, I could do it. I am a multitaskingmomma after all, right?

Well, said person, hint hint Bronwyn Heeley, told me that slowing down as a first step would be a big help. She's right, well, she always mostly almost always mostly ha! is! yeah she's right. I'm just refusing to believe I am at this stage in my life where what I think I can do my body says, Hold Your Horses!

I chatted with a few other friends (Sanna, Irene, Ray and Giles) and they all said I needed to slow down. This is a facepalm event for me, for being too much of a doer I forgot my body is not as young and curvaceous as it was. 

Well, it is still curvaceous, just the caterpillar kind .... but I digress.

So here's the thing, I love to blog and I love to review. When I first opened this blog I did it for the joy of reading and reviewing. Eventually, I joined up with blog tours and the rest is history. This blog has gone through so many changes but this time, I think it's going on full circle.

My idea of slowing down is this: I continue to read and review, and the promotions and tours still stand.

Where's the difference?

Well, I will continue to read and review only said books written by authors I love and if I can't have the ARCs, I buy them. Simple. It's what I do so no change there.

Second, the promotions and tours stay, but this time, I have to take a step back and leave the reviews to my other reviewers should they have time on their schedule. (Note: I still don't have an MF reviewer yet, but I am working on it and I think today I got news this reviewer may just jump in and join the party that is multitaskingmommas Book Reviews.)

This means a major change in the way this blog works. From 40% promotion and 60% reviews, it will now become an 80% promotion and 20% reviews. 

I think this will give my body time to heal without sacrificing the joy of blogging.

As for those I beta read their works for? Guess what? This means I can devote more time to you as well! Isn't it cool? :D 

What thinks you? Do you think this will work? 

Right now, sitting in bed, high on pain meds, I think it will work. 
  • One, it will give me time to heal and rest. 
  • Two, it will give me more time to read without the pressure of a blog tour review coming up. 
  • Three, I will have more time writing and promoting my own work. 
  • And finally, Fourth: I will have more time for my family, especially my husband who is mad and pissed and worried sick his sprightly wife is (temporarily!!!) incapacitated and impossible in her misery. Love you to death babes, love you to death.


  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Hubby's should always be happy ... so do what you need for yourself & him! Sounds like a good plan ... plans can always be adjusted as needed. Take of you, hubby & family first ... we're like mold ... always here ... clinging ... hee hee Love from Alaska

    1. awwww thanks Ann :D Am on the mend, the hubby doctor increased the dosage of my anti-vertigo meds and it seems to be working. Not 100% yet for the dizzy spells still come and go and the pain meds make me feel loopy but definitely better than yesterday and the days before that. Hoping to get over this quickly for so many things to do, so little time to do them and my puppies are sweet smelling. <3 J