Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review : Black Hearts Dance: A Layton Shayne Mystery by Antonio

Black Hearts Dance: a Layton Shayne MysteryBlack Hearts Dance: a Layton Shayne Mystery by Antonio
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Detective Layton Shayne and his partner Alex are back, and working on a new case. While out with friends, the two catch the eye of a mysterious older woman who hires Layton to investigate the hauntings on her estate, Carson Court. Not only is Layton intrigued… he also feels compelled to take the job. New surprises greet him and Alex at every corner as they meet the hunks and mysterious citizens living in and around Carson Court. Layton knows to listen to his instincts, but this time could that lead to trouble of a supernatural nature in a house with a dark past and secrets desperate to come out?

Review by: multitaskingmmomma 

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Black Hearts Dance is the third book to the Layton Shayne Mystery series by Antonio and coud be read as a standalone. However, I would suggest this be read in order to get around the mystery that is the relationship of Layton and Alex Shane. It is especially important to note this opens right after Green Eyes Cry, You Die: A Layton Shayne Mystery (A Layton Shayne Mystery #2) closes. In that installment, we were left with a question that is immediately addressed by Dance. As this book closes, we get to recall what happened in Blue Light by Night (A Layton Shayne Mystery #1) and we sort of get a clearer picture to the questions that rise in this read. But I get ahwad of myself.

When I began reading this book, I completely forgot that Antono has this habit of cuddling his reader into the arms of a film noir story that could be mistaken as humdrum... then he strikes. I fell victim and got out my pen and paper to take notes as I found myself immersed in a truly fascinating but horrid tale of a history gone amok in the hands of vindictiveness. The horrors that unfold are acted out by the ghosts who randomly possess the characters of this chilling tale. There is definitely a huge mystery the Shanes have to solve and time is running out. Should they fail, it could affect Alex and Layton's lives forever. This is another huge story told slowly and in increments it can honestly be frustrating because I had so many notes on hand trying to make sense and kept kissing the clues left out in the open.

I love how this tale unfolded by not so sure of the ending for something is truly amiss but only Layton and Alex could tell it right.

Recommended for those who love mystery thrillers with a Hot! twist.

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