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Review: Alien Conception (The Traveler #2) by Max Walker

Alien Conception (The Traveler #2)
Published March 19th 2016 by Walker Press

Ryan Diaz thought his life was on track. A boring track, but a track none-the-less. He expected to keep his mind-numbing job, find a girl to marry, and then settle down in a decent sized house with decently smart kids. 
But, as we all know, life never follows the plans. 
After a night out, Ryan finds himself face to face with a man that promises to change his life forever. And this man? He happens to be an alien who sports an incredible six pack and a massive... ship. 
Their initial meeting not only shocks Ryan, but also awakens a part of him he never knew he had. Now, he has to come to terms with his explosive new feelings for the alien and submit to the plans fate has in store for them.  
Will Ryan be able to handle this new life and the challenges it brings? Or will he find that being a boring paper pusher was what he was meant to do after all? 


Alien Conception is a scorching hot M/M sci-fi with some man on man-alien action and male pregnancy resulting from those out-of-this-world encounters. It is the second book in The Traveler series. It can be read alone and contains no cliffhangers.

Review by: multitaskingmomma
My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Okay, first off, some of you may be surprised I rated this a 4 stars. I am quite astounded myself as I there are some things here that boggled my mind and some plot holes that were never addressed. That said, I frikkin enjoyed this story from start to finish and it's not just because it's an mpreg. Again, for those of you who are conflicted with this trope, please don't read on. Otherwise, here's my take on Alien Conception: The Traveler #2 by Max Walker.

This is the second book in the series and I haven't read the first. In this installment, Ryan is human, straight and very male. He is surprised when his best friend suddenly announces he "may be gay" which kind of spooked me. I thought? Is this a gay for you trope? Well, I read on as Ryan's replies sent me to the giggles and for me, that tells something about how well this book is written.

Long story short, Ryan meets a naked, blue-skinned alien whose presence is kind of mind boggling. Why were they walking around naked on Earth? Thankfully, that is answered much later and the reasoning is funny. Ryan finds himself inexplicably drawn to Maxx and is confused. He's straight after all. It's soon apparent it's a chemical reaction but somehow, Ryan embraces the experience. 

Let's stop here. If you are thinking "oh no," - don't.

Ryan questions a lot of things and the story is fictional and it's an alien mpreg trope so the lack of logic gets blurred. Ryan falls hard for Maxx and throws caution to the wind. In the process, he gets preggers. This surprises all aliens for this has never happened before. Thing is, I'm not quite sure how the logic in the book makes it right, but somehow, it is right.

There is also some bit of angst here, when a wayward alien attempts to negate and harm Maxx's relationship and bonding with a human. The backstory of that alien is sad, tragic really and I felt for her. 

Here's my wish: fix her story please. Please please please. I am not really a reader of MF anymore, but I do wish for her story to get out there, be told and given a great HEA. Yes, I felt for her so pretty please? 

This is the first that I've heard of Max Walker. I stumbled upon this post somewhere and this was tagged as mpreg. For those of you who follow this blog, you all know how I love this trope. I have read many, some good, some great, some totally despicable they are which that should not be named. Alien Conception is a surprise and the author has gained a new fan.

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