Friday, April 8, 2016

Review: Between the Lies (Club Syn Book 1) by Draven St. James

Between the Lies (Club Syn Book 1)
Published April 4th 2016 by Draven SJ Publishing


Professor Graham Darrius leads a double life, everyday he enriches the lives of students, but at night he struts the stage as Ebony Powers at Club Syn. The two personas cannot mix, which is an easy rule to follow until a sexy man from Iowa stumbles through the door. Spencer Neil, has never stepped foot into a gay bar and holy shit did he get more than he’s ever imagined. What did he know about drag queens, go-go boys and heated exchanges in dark corners? The world he lives in is academic and predictable. At least until he meets Graham, and sees that sometimes all is not what it seems. Beneath the shock of discovery, misunderstandings, and wicked instruction Graham finds himself falling for Spencer and Spencer finds he’s getting a whole different kind of education. 

Review by: multitaskingmomma

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

What would you do if one of your students not only found out you're a drag queen but you'd also had a bit of nookie on the side with him? The night before your first day of class and sitting right there?

I've taught college among other things and let me tell you - not only has this happened in real life (well, not the drag) and it's not funny. It's scary as hell and you can lose your job should that student spill.

Well, Professor Graham  Darrius got more than he expected to get first thing in the morning and he ran. He ran from the most beautiful boy from Iowa...

...and got chased.

Oh yes, the boy can run and catch the man of his dreams and wants more. No, not to blackmail or ruin, but he wants the man for himself. He does the chasing and Graham finally concedes. Thus their affair begins and...ends...

I hate that the author did this to me. I so wanted more from Graham and Spencer. I know there's more to their story and wish for more of it. The title does say its the first of the series so I am hoping I get more.

This is a short, delightful read that makes you smile so if you're up for some bit of nookie and romance, this is right for you.

Note: Copy provided for by the author via Pride Promotions for an honest review.

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