Thursday, May 12, 2016

Guest Bloggermomma Lourdes Skye Talks: Loving Wild & Feeling Free!

Hello, I’m Lourdes Skye. 

Currently, I’m back in ATL! After a brief stay in South Carolina, I chose to return to Atlanta. Yes, it’s hot here and the bugs are plenty but the diversity that you get amongst the people simply can’t be matched. 

As a black lesbian woman, I find that Atlanta is truly like, as the old saying goes, coming home. The freedom to be who I am is so accepting. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that there aren’t a few backward thinkers out there who still look upon gays and lesbians as Satan’s spawns. But for the most part, that way of thinking is dead or so small that it’s simply overlooked. I love that fact that Atlanta has so many festivals and entertaining opportunities for members of the LGBT family. Here, we are a voice heard and not just something to sweep under the carpet. When my girlfriend and I step out together, I don’t have to worry about getting those crazy glances. 

Yeah, you guys know what I’m talking about. That look that says someone is about to throw some holy water on you. It makes me want to say, that’s vampires not gays! Trust me, I have dealt with my share of haters. I was once visited by my youngest daughter’s principal. The woman actually told me that I needed to come to the community church. That my relationship could impact my daughter’s academic growth. My daughter is an honor student and my son graduated with honors and is now enlisted in the army at Ft. Campbell in Kentucky. Folks, my message to all is be who you are. Love Wild and Be Free.

Now on another note, I do want to share with you all that I’m an author of M/M Romance and Paranormal books. I write for Wilde City Press and I self-publish. My books can be found on And of course, I do attend LBGT events where my books can be autographed and purchased. So don’t be shy when I come to you town, books and a good time chatting, in tow.

You guys can reach me most days on Facebook: Lourdes Skye Author or Twitter:@LourdesSkye
And check out my website:

Donali Lyons eyes the perfect piece of man candy headed his way.He's stumped when he discovers that the man is his mate...and has a date. Drugged, Lance Stark wakes up naked, tied to a chair...and married to the wrong man. Can his cat shifter mate save him from a delusional groom or will it be discovered that cats don't have nine lives??? Deceptions, crazy assassins, government conspiracies and a romance so hot it melts off the pages, all tie into this epic shifter tale.

Now this book was unexpected. Someone posted this book on Facebook with a link to Amazon, and always the curious that I am add to that I'm a lover of paranormal books, oh and it's an MM to boot really catches my curiosity, and so I checked it and one-clicked it. I'm new to this author so I actually don't know what to expect but what I got really entertained me. Lance and Donali charmed me, the side characters amused me, though I cussed at Carter so vile at one point, the whole story is really good. Paranormal + MM with a side note of suspense, oh and the sex... Yup! And so I'm giving this book a 4.5 yummy stars. - Amazon reader for Not Afraid To Use His Claws

A Twink & his Yeti

Forced to sell himself for food and shelter, Jovi Webb picks up the wrong john. After a dastardly escape from the madman's car, Jovi finds himself food for a tough street gang, in a dank dark alley. A vicious beat-down, a horrific roar, flashes of white and then extreme darkness. Jovi wakes up in the bed of the most gorgeous man he's ever seen. But is his knight the man he appears or the beast of nightmares.

What a refreshing were story. I loved the fact that the author chose a were-yeti as one of her main characters. It was lighthearted but full of adventure, saucy and sizzling bits along with drama and romance. I loved it. I really hope there will be more stories from the Yeti community. The human mates were nothing less than adorable. I had a horrible day yesterday but this story made me forget my troubles and helped me to relax. I shall reread it again when I need some loving :) - 5 stars By L.A on March 26, 2016 for A Twink and his Yeti

About the Author:

Lourdes Skye has been writing fiction since the fourth grade. First she started with tween mysteries then later progressed to paranormal and lesbian books. Being a fellow member of the LBGT Family, Lourdes loves to write about the beauty of love without limitations. Till date, she's dipped her pen in the exciting world of m/m romance. She cites, "There's so much beauty in two guys risking it all, public scorn, family abandonment, unfair job treatment, just to hold hands and say 'we are'." Love truly has no gender and in her work, Lourdes conveys that wholeheartedly. Lourdes currently makes her home in the state that she was born and raised, Atlanta Georgia.      

Connect with Lourdes:

Facebook: Lourdes Skye Author
Twitter: @LourdesSkye

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